The latest downloadable content pack for WWE 2K19 has arrived with more Superstars to bolster the already massive roster even further, but that’s not all as the Titans Pack also features a handful of new Towers to take on.

Prepare to dominate across various modes with an additional four, rather powerful, playable characters including NXT’s own EC3 and War Raiders (Rowe and Hanson), as well as Bobby Lashley who spends his time destroying the competition on Raw. You’ll be able to pull off their signature and finishing manoeuvres whilst tackling the new set of themed Towers, which task you with testing your skills across five matches in each. Below is a full list of what to expect from these Towers:

  • Lashley Dominates – play as Bobby Lashley to dominate each opponent, starting with Sami Zayn.
  • Top 1% Tower – play as EC3 and prove you’re born and bred for success and fame by defeating all five opponents, including Sting.
  • Rowe’s Raid – play as War Raider Rowe to raze the opposition and claim victory against all five opponents, including one half of the Street Profits, Montez Ford.
  • Hanson’s War – play as War Raider Hanson and conquer all five opponents, including the other half of the Street Profits, Angelo Dawkins, to emerge triumphant.

To ensure you’re in the ‘Top 1%’ of WWE 2K19 gamers, you can pick up the Titans Pack DLC right now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Those playing on Xbox will find it on the Microsoft Store, costing £7.99 for anyone who doesn’t own the Season Pass.

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DLC Description:

Devastate your opponents with these titans of the ring! Download the WWE 2K19 Titans Pack to gain access to Bobby Lashley, EC3 and Hanson & Rowe, the destructive force known as War Raiders. The WWE 2K19 Titans Pack is also available by downloading the WWE 2K19 Season Pass.

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