January is a month of high anticipation in the videogame world. We anxiously yet optimistically yearn for what lies ahead with much fervour and excitement that we may fail to realise that January has itself unleashed some absolute corkers. So here is a list of January’s greatest hits since the release of the Xbox One. WARNING! This list includes lots of Resident Evil

5. Resident Evil Remake HD

Starting off with the January 2015 upscaled rerelease of the (at the time) exclusive Nintendo remake of the 1996 Playstation classic – Xbox owners found themselves treated to a salivating yet savage piece of classic survival horror inside the gothic and claustrophobic confines of the Spencer Mansion with Resident Evil Remake HD.

The dread and suspense runs thick with slumbering zombies and wildly demonic crimson heads fumbling after you in a terrifyingly gory and splendid scare and freak fest that is sure to frighten anyone on any night of the year, regardless of whether the sun is shining or the lights are turned off.

4. Gone Home

The Fullbright Company’s indie curiosity Gone Home is a bit of a marmite one amongst gamers.

Some will deride it offensively as not being a videogame because of how short and how walking simulator-like it is. However, if you properly engage with Gone Home you’ll find there is a lot to salvage from a girl poking around in her parents’ bedroom and the house in general.

If you like snooping you’ll find something quite comforting with Gone Home; it’s a harmless and subtle experience that is slight but superb.  

3. Resident Evil 7: biohazard

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of 2017, Resident Evil 7: biohazard released right at the start of the year and, wow, it was a return to form!

After falling off the wagon of dread with the more recent Resident Evil 5 and 6, Resident Evil 7 sits you down at a dinner table to freak you the hell out with a family of demented weirdos. The first-person perspective showed how Resident Evil continues to change with every entry and the thrilling horrors you experience are dripped with intensity.

Resident Evil 7 was a return to Resi’s best that nobody saw coming when it was revealed, and shows that Capcom has no need to be scared of survival horror.

2. Monster Hunter: World

monster hunter world xbox one

Monster Hunter always seemed constrained when the series ventured into portable or Nintendo territory, but on Xbox One it’s as big and epic as you’d want monster slaying to be. It has all the lavish environment and gigantic hulking weaponry you can muster to take all of the monstrous wildlife down alone or with others. Monster Hunter: World is as gargantuan as its namesake suggests and will surely make aspiring monster slayers froth at the mouth for the chance to slay the game’s diverse array of enormous beasties. 

1. Resident Evil 2  

Another remake, this time from the year 1998 and maybe the greatest horror game of all time – Resident Evil 2.

Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield are back on the case as a zombie outbreak litters Raccoon City and it looks ruddy gory and gorgeous – gorygeous?. The visual overhaul is stunning with zombie mouths caked in blood like a 2 year old’s face in a puddle of spaghetti bolognese. The stomping thuds of Mr X’s boots as he stalks you throughout create the kind of desperate dread that truly marks RE2 as a pure Resident Evil game. It’s just brilliant. 

The level of polish and detail has ensured a truly authentic renovation of Resident Evil 2 with messy offices, cramped hallways and many rooms and areas you’ll find yourself urgently barging into. You’ll find yourself grabbing whatever supplies or story items you can muster to progress without zombies treating your neck like a healthy and wholesome green apple, as they close their gnashing maws and rip out your flesh like the hungry feral slumberers they are.

Always thought January was the slow month as the new year kicked on? You were wrong – and this selection of the best Xbox One games to release in January proves it. But which were your favourites? The comments section, as ever, is down below.

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