Give me a standard controller and I’ll ask you what has happened to the thumbsticks.

Yes, I am one of the converted. One of those who steadfastly refuse to take to a gaming session with a plain old pad. Instead I need an add-on. I need additions. I need enhancers.

In its simplest form I need thumbstick covers. And the most simplest of these most definitely come in the form of Grip-iT covers.

Grip it review blue

For the last month or so I’ve removed my stunning KontrolFreek Vortex and Galaxy thumbsticks from my Xbox One controllers and have instead replaced them with some cheap and cheerful Grip-iT covers. What are they like? Well, they’re cheap and they’re cheerful, and for the price point, that was always going to be the case. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Grip-iT covers are a simple round of rubber, much like the old poppy caps which you probably messed around with as a kid. These however don’t fly up into the air when you turn them inside out. Instead if you place them inverted on the top of your control pad, and push them gently onto the sticks, will grip rather well to your enhance your thumbsticks. Installation is super easy and they’ll be fitted within a matter of seconds of you ripping open the basic, but honest packaging. With a gecko-like design on their face, they blend in nicely with whatever controller you may have, although sticking a bright blue or vibrant red cover on your Titanfall branded Xbox One pad may not look the best.

But if that’s the kind of thing you like then the various colours that the Grip-iTs come in allow a decent amount of customisation. Purple, yellow, red, blue, pink and green variations are all available to run alongside the more subtle black and white editions, so if you need a quick easy add-on to your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 or PS4 controller, and want to inject some colour into things, then this are for you.

The grip they bring is damn good too, as you would expect from something that prides itself on a Grip-iT name. You’ll find your thumbs very rarely losing traction once you’ve got these attached, and they are quite easily amongst the stickiest covers I’ve used. In the heat of a gaming session, when those sweaty hands could well be the difference between a kill or instant death, the Grip-iTs work very well.

grip it review red

I have though occasionally struggled to feel super confident with using them, but this only ever occurs when pushing hard – and I mean very hard – in a forward motion on the right stick. You see, without a grasping foot or three to hold the cover in place, there is that slight movement which may get you worried. But then, in a month of using them, not once have the Grip-iTs flung themselves across the room in anger and they are still in as good condition as the moment they emerged from the packaging.

If you do decide you want to take them off, then that is just as simple as the installation process, with no marks or hassle left once they are gone.

Basically then, if you are looking for something cheaper than a bigger brand, want some basic covers or are looking to brighten up your gaming room, then the Grip-iT covers for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 are well worth the money. They will not only protect your sticks from wear and tear, but the super sticky nature should allow for non-slip gaming .

They aren’t a substitute for a more expensive thumbstick enhancer – not in any way – but as a starting point for someone looking to drop into the whole customisation route, are a decent bet.

Who wants a standard controller? Not me!

You can buy the Grip-iT covers for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 from Check the team out on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram right now. We’re pretty certain they’ll love to hear from you.

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