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Yeah yeah, we’ve heard it all before – game comes to market, selling itself along the lines of the ultimate version of what has come before it. Guntech 2 is the latest to attempt just that, sold by the Utopos Games team as the ultimate retro-styled SHMUP. Does it hold up?

We’ll find out in our full review as to whether Guntech 2 really can claim to be the ultimate shoot em up, but what you need to know here and now is that it is available to purchase, to download and to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S – and for good measure, it comes with full next-gen optimisation in the house. 

It’s priced at £16.74 which is standard fare of a indie game that is capable of delivering more than the standard, and one look at the trailer and screenshots imply that this could well deliver on that ultimate SHMUP front. 

Full of colour, full of bullets and full of some mad space-shooting action, we don’t need to sit here and tell you why you should be looking to get involved in the action that looks to unfold – shoot things, job done. 

After exploring the asteroid belt, either alone or with up to 4-players via local cooperative play, it’s the epic boss battles that you’ll come up against. Honestly, these look pretty immense for a SHMUP and so making the most of your weapon types and upgrade abilities certainly looks to be the way forward. 

If you’re up for some non-stop action and reckon fighting back against alien life forms is the way to go, you’d do well to check out the Xbox Store page for Guntech 2. If you then go on and download it, great. We’re not sure that you’ll be able to ignore this one for long. 

Game Description:

Utopos Space Station was the new hope for humans. It failed. Never underestimate human greed. Your job is to clean up the mess. Fight alien life forms, rescue scientists, deliver vaccines to combat a deadly pandemic. Guntech 2 is an ultimate retro-style shoot’em up based in space. Some would call it a cave-flyer. Whatever you call it, one thing is for sure – the game is packed full of non-stop action, loads of weapons and big explosions!

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