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Hardcore Mecha: Bravely Edition brings exclusive Xbox content to the masses!


Hardcore Mecha Bravely Edition keyart
Hardcore Mecha Bravely Edition is on Xbox

A superbly stylish mech-themed 2D side-scrolling brawler, Hardcore Mecha launches on Xbox. And with the Bravely Edition you’ll find that some all-exclusive Xbox content has been included. 

Available right now across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S play is Hardcore Mecha: Bravely Edition. It’s the creation of those at RocketPunch Games and E-Home as they give mech-brawl fans the chance to take in a stylish new genre entry. 

A new Mecha brawler with exclusive Xbox content

Priced at £20.99, Hardcore Mecha: Bravely Edition is certainly no cheap, one-done, affair. This comes to Xbox after previous runs on PC and Nintendo Switch thanks to inspiration from the Super Robot War series. And it does so with exclusive never-before-seen Xbox content in tow. 

If you’re in the market for a game that delivers fast paced Mecha battling, we’re not sure you should be looking anywhere else. Whether it be solo or multiplayer, Hardcore Mecha: Bravely Edition pushes out some superb looking animations and visuals, mixing it in with fast-paced gameplay as it goes. 

As you may expect to hear, there are a ton of Mechas included here. In fact, in Hardcore Mecha: Bravely Edition you’ll have some American options, Japanese ones, Super styled, realistic and more. But the best thing? This release of Hardcore Mecha: Bravely Edition on Xbox comes complete with an exclusive Mecha Skin. And that has been created specifically for the Xbox drop. 

Key features

The key features of Hardcore Mecha: Bravely Edition are well worth taking in. Grab a download and you’ll find all of the following present and correct… 

  • Exciting, fast-paced Mecha Battle! – A campaign mode offers rich gameplay and seamless in-game cut-scenes for an immersive experience. In the local multiplayer battle, you can choose your favorite mecha, showcase your amazing free style combo moves, experience the fast-paced hardcore competitive battle of steel, or choose to play a round of ‘friendly’ chaos free-for-all.
  • Stunning Highly Polished 2D Animations – The detailed skeletal animation with a unique impression of power will fully showcase the characteristics of each mecha. The smooth and natural movements have also laid a good foundation for the fine handling experience. Natural 2D rotating animation, the use of visual deception like dislocation and timely switched elements have brought out a visual effect like 3D artwork.
  • Fast-pace Gameplay Mechanism – No in-game preset combo moves, no need to cram up combo moves table. The player will have full control over how to maneuver and shoot. Each player can come up with their own amazing styles.
  • 4 Times Fun – Against each other with local split-screen. Single purchase, 4 times of fun!
  • Various Mechas – American style, Japanese style, Super style, Realistic style, there are dozens of mechas of all kinds of styles available. Each mecha has its own unique tactical value, only the player who has completely grasped the features of each mecha can fully bring out their maximum combat effectiveness. What type of Mecha is the best? Prove it with your hands to your friends!
  • Challenge against Mecha with Mortal Flesh – The pilot can be controlled to eject from the mecha and work alone in critical moment with proper strategy, it will absolutely be a force on the battlefield that cannot be underestimated.
  • Xbox exclusive Mecha Skin – An exclusive Mecha Skin designed for Xbox fans!

Buy Hardcore Mecha on Xbox now!

Hardcore Mecha: Bravely Edition is on the Xbox Store. Open the wallet, pay up the cash and get a download moving. You’ll find that it is playable across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. We think the huge Campaign mode sells this one, but stick around for our full review in order to understand why. 

You’ll also find Hardcore Mecha on PC through Steam and Nintendo Switch. 

Will you be brawling? The comments are below. Get your eyes on the trailer below too. It’s pretty hard hitting.

Hardcore Mecha: Bravely Edition on Xbox Game Description

The campaign mode includes 8 chapters and 18 levels in total. As the story develops, you will encounter more than 50 types of enemy mechas with various designs and details in all kinds of scenes like mineshaft, underwater, urban, and space. Some levels even allow you to exit the mecha and infiltrate behind enemy line. Of course, you won’t just have one single personal ride, you may develop and customize various new gears and focus accessory in between the missions.

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