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Depending where in the world you are, Homefront: The Revolution may have already been in your gaming consoles for a few days already. Well, here in the UK it is finally available. Hurrah!

Available right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Homefront: The Revolution may have seen its beta slated, and the overall enthusiasm may have dropped considerably, but if you’re willing to give something a second go, then now is the time. On Xbox One there are two versions to decide between, both of which will bring the full game, the Liberty pack and the Revolutionary Spirit pack – we guess it’ll all depend on how flush with cash you are…

Standard Edition – £54.99

Freedom Fighter Bundler (includes Season Pass) – £69.99

Game Description:

The Revolutionary ”Spirit Pack” includes: – The Red Skull motorbike skin – The Golden skin for your pistol – Early unlocks of the Marksman Rifle, Sniper Scope and Remote Explosives for your Co-Op character And the digital exclusive ”Liberty Pack” features the Liberty Body Armour and KPA Shock Trooper Helmet! Homefront: The Revolution is an open-world first person shooter where you must lead the Resistance movement in guerrilla warfare against a superior military force. A living, breathing, open world responds to your actions – you and your Resistance Cell can inspire a rebellion on the streets and turn Occupation into Revolution, as oppressed civilians take up the fight. And the single player campaign is just the start – in Co-Op you and your friends can form your own Resistance Cell and become renowned as Heroes of the Revolution.

The Xbox One Games Store awaits, unless of course you want the physical version!

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