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With a title that would make Batman very unhappy, it’s probably important to clear things up. In Justice Sucks: Tactical Vacuum Action, the ‘sucking’ involved is of the hoover variety – you are literally sucking up your enemy. Don’t believe me? Well, developers Samurai Punk certainly have a reputation with murderous little hoovers, with Roombo: First Blood arriving last year, and Justice Sucks looking to iterate on the stealth sucking even further.

Dusty is our hoovery protagonist, and in a traumatic incident that saw him awake in the TV dimension, he is stuck in the groovy ‘90s, complete with psychedelic dancing, blaring speakers, oh, and gangs out to drain the battery on this hoover once and for all. Alas, it is time for Dusty to adopt his spirit guide Sexy McClean, and dish out the justice once again! Still with me?

What this translates to in a gameplay sense is a core loop of stealthing around, setting up traps for your foes, and eventually hoovering up enough spilt blood to unleash devastating attacks, seeing Dusty replace the intricate electrical traps set up with a more direct route, such as chucking an angry cat onto the head of a very unlucky combatant.

This core gameplay loop, as beautifully summarised by the devs, is as follows:

  • MAKE A MESS – Suck up objects to use against your enemies, destroying them with deadly satisfaction.
  • EAT THEIR BLOOD – Do your duties as a vacuum cleaner and clean up the mess. Munch on bodies, suck up blood and eat all the leftovers.
  • UNLEASH DEVASTATING POWERS – Consume the blood of your enemies to fuel Dusty’s deadly powers, slamming, ramming and dancing your way through waves of FamilyCorp agents.
  • STAY HIDDEN – Use your low profile to hide under furniture, avoid detection, and perform powerful stealth attacks on unsuspecting enemies.
  • HACK THE WORLD – Turn the environment against your foes by hacking smart devices and turning them into deadly traps.
  • MEET POWERFUL ALLIES – Befriend animal allies and destroy Dusty’s enemies as an unstoppable team.

What could go wrong? Well, a lot actually, given that you are but a humble automated hoovering device: stealth really is paramount, at least until Dusty has had its share of the blood. Count Vacula, anyone?

If the Count Vacula pun has encouraged you to pick up a copy of Justice Sucks: Tactical Vacuum Action (and let’s be honest, it definitely has), then head on over to the Xbox Store where £16.74 is the price of entry on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. The game is also available on PS5, PS4, Switch and PC.

Game Description:

When burglars break into the McClean home, Dusty must go rogue to protect his family. Unfortunately, his heroic actions attract the attention of FamilyCorp, and a fight with the warranty squad sends Dusty flying into the living room TV. Waking up In the TV dimension, Dusty must hack, hide and suck his way to freedom . Join forces with your fighting spirit, Sexy McClean and develop deadly abilities to help him defeat FamilyCorp and save his family!

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