There has been no official statement from Rockstar Games about GTA 6, but Xbox players know it’s going to hit the console at some point. There’s no way that the studio would decide to simply stop making games in its landmark franchise. However, if it did decide to do so, there would surely be an announcement to let players know. The reason for the lengthy wait for a new instalment could be due to the fact that the developers want to make it the most immersive game to date. This is something that is going to take a long time.

Rockstar Games Tends to Incorporate Mainstream Trends

One of the reasons why Rockstar Games titles capture the attention of so many players is because the developers identify current trends in the mainstream and incorporate them in the games. This has been seen on numerous occasions over the years. Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010 at the height of the poker boom, and the creators wisely put Texas Hold’em in the game as a side offering. In GTA V, there is a casino to attract the vast number of online casino players. The 2013 title also featured the Lifeinvader company as a comment on the rise in popularity of social media at the time.

Since the release of the last GTA title, online lottery has risen to the fore in mainstream culture once again. Indeed, the digital form of the lucky ball draw is now one of the most popular ways to play, and online lottery games are easy to find at a wide variety of sites. There are even bonuses for new players as the sites look to stand out from the competition. If GTA 6 was to include some form of lottery, it could appeal to the vast number of people who like to indulge in the game.

Possible Female Option

One way that GTA could become more immersive is if it caters for female players better. There has never been a female protagonist in the male character-dominated series, but this could be about to change. Some rumours have suggested that there could be a playable female character in the new game, giving players an option to choose their gender.

It is unknown whether players will simply cycle between characters as was the case in GTA V, or if they will choose a protagonist at the beginning of the game. Either way, a female lead would be a massive leap forward for GTA and could help to broaden its player base further.

Intelligent NPCs

One common theme of GTA games to date is NPCs doing silly things on a regular basis. When playing games in the franchise, how many times have you seen people walking into barriers and driving their cars off the road? Some reports suggest that GTA 6 will have the most intelligent NPCs seen in any game to date. Not only will they have daily routines and jobs to go to, but they will also be able to adapt to diverse situations and plan new methods of going about their business if they need to.

It could still be years before a new GTA game drops on consoles, leaving plenty of time for players to speculate about what it could feature. It is wise to expect that Rockstar Games will blow players away with the immersive nature of its next title, which could be the most realistic game ever made.