Step 1: Turn on your Xbox. Step 2: Open your browser. Step 3: Browse to slots. Step 4: Profit???

Yes, it is pretty much this easy to turn your Xbox into a slots machine, but hey, let’s take you step by step through the process just to make sure that you get it right. Ready? Have your Xbox? (Note: if you don’t have an Xbox handy for this exercise, then you better go and buy one quick smart so you can continue)

Ok, let’s go!

Step 1: Turn on your Xbox

This sounds super easy, right? Press the ON button. 

Although, it may not be quite as easy as you anticipated, particularly if your Xbox is fresh out of the box. In this case, you’re going to have to hook it up to your TV (that’s gotta be switched on too, by the way), find the right TV setting to make the Xbox screen appear, make sure your Xbox is on, and connect it to the internet.

Remember, no internet, no browser. No browser, no slots. 

Also, no sort of other browsing either; no Google, no Wikipedia, no Buzzfeed, no, no, no. You want to browse or play slots and your Xbox isn’t connecting to the internet? Use your phone!!!

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Step 2: Open your browser

This one is a bit tricky. If you followed the step above you might still be a little confused as to what to do. Do I open the browser on my laptop? On my phone? Is it Chrome, Firefox, or Opera?

Just open the browser on your Xbox. Remember, you can still use any other device with a browser to play slots. Phones and laptops will do as well.

What’s the browser on your Xbox One? Microsoft Edge! Find it on your Xbox home screen. Open it. Can’t find it? Go and download it from the store.

Step 3: Browse to slots

Now here is the actual real tricky part. Finding some slots to play. Do you want to play just a fun game where you don’t ever put down real money to play? Do you want to play at a real-deal online casino, where you can actually win something? Do you want to give up already because you already put in too much work turning on your Xbox and firing up your browser? No!

Okay, so onward and upward, here, people.

To find some slots that are going to really satisfy that casino experience itch that you seem to be having (and there is no cream for), you need to survey the landscape. 

First of all, you need to find online casinos that support HTML 5. HTML 5 means the games can be played through the browser. There are plenty of these online casinos out there, but there are others that will invite you to download software to play the games. These will not work. The downloadable software is only for desktops/laptops or Android devices. Not for your Xbox. Do not attempt to download anything.

So, you will find a bunch of casinos to play HTML 5 games at. Unfortunately, some won’t be available in your region. You can either use a VPN to circumvent region-blocking (if you have one on your Xbox) or give up and try a different casino. The second option is definitely easier.

Found a nice-looking casino? Played some games for free to try it out? Great! You have done extremely well. You can either stop here or move on to the final step.

Step 4: Profit???

Can you really make money playing slots online? Sure, but it’s a gamble, just the same as it is at the casino. There is no trick to it, just pure luck, and the house always wins overall.

Some online casinos offer some pretty good deals, such as free money to play before you deposit any cash yourself (although these are near impossible to get a payout from without putting extra money in), deals where they match the dollar amount you put in, or free spins. These are fairly standard sign up bonuses.

While it may be a little unlikely that you’d profit overall if you played slots a bunch with your Xbox, if you get lucky on a few spins then why not cash in your chips and run – so you can buy another Xbox and figure out how to use that.