There’s going to be a sequel to the critically acclaimed The Inner World, titled The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk, and it’s going to be released on lots of platforms. Headup Games have also announced a planned next-gen release for The Inner World!

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk returns gamers to Asposia for another adventure with Robert, Laura and Peck. The evil Emil has led the people of Asposia astray with dark tales about the flute nose dynasty that watches over their world. Only Robert, heir to the throne, can put an end to Emil but first, he’ll need to find the last wind monk because Robert is well out of his depth. You’ll be able to switch between all three main characters on the quest to find a legendary wind monk; even the maniacal pigeon will be playable.


Features of The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk include –

  • Experience the fun and moving sequel to “The Inner World” (you don’t need to know the first part!). Save the flute noses from persecution and evil Emil!
  • Hours of fun brainteasers await you: find the last wind monk, cause trouble in a tumble mouse factory, play with Uncle Oboe for some toilet paper in prison, help a desperate Bingo-Pony become happy once again, bring the adorable baby gorf back home and save Asposia!
  • Navigate Robert and Laura, those charming Asposians, through the game. And now you can even operate the nutty pigeon, Peck.
  • There are new sites for you to discover! Including the topsy-turvy airport “Asposia Central”, the quirky tumble mouse farmers and the mysterious Shovel Mountains.
  • Practice new songs on your magic flute nose and activate ancient artefacts.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn adventure for people quick on the draw.
  • Hilarious dialogues in awesome sound quality.
  • The Asposian puzzle help: Provides you with hints when you’re as clueless as Robert – completely spoiler-free of course.
  • Available for most operating systems and consoles – except the Gameboy! (..but at least PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS- and Android devices…)

The latest adventure will be released mid-2017 on every major platform you could think of and anyone visiting Gamescom can catch the first glimpse of it in Cologne. Anybody who hasn’t played the original The Inner World can pick it up on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at the end of 2016.

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