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Things are about to get hot this summer as Breakfirst, PID Games and Just For Games reveal that the next instalment in the Instant Sports series will be racing to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. Will you be ready for Instant Sports Paradise?

Due to drop onto Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2021, Instant Sports Paradise will ensure that your workouts are consistently shining bright as you get the chance to head to a paradise island to take in all manner of summer sports fun. 

The first Instant Sports title to arrive on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, Paradise will deliver players the chance to enjoy a tropical island full of palm trees, beautiful lands and some of the deepest ever secrets. But it’s the sports that we’ll be enjoying most with this glorious oasis with no less than nine of the very finest summer games present – Jetskis, seaplanes, bowling opportunities, a bit of football, some ping pong and more will all be present. 

You’ll be able to take in Instant Sports Paradise either alone or with friends this summer, and once you arrive beachside, will discover a world ripe for exploration. 

Features will include:

  • Explore an open world: INSTANT SPORTS Paradise takes place in an Oasis full of history and mysteries. Blue lagoon, palm trees and hot sand… There’s a lot of secrets to discover between two workouts. 
  • Cooperation & Competition: Play with or versus your friends. Challenge your own scores and break your limits. 
  • 9 Summer Sports: Have fun and give the best of yourself on exhilarating sports like: Jetski, Seaplane, Bowling, Football, Ping-pong and much more. 
  • Enjoy your Holidays: Be a real tourist, enjoy seaside chill activities which will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.
  • Unlock all kinds of character customization items: Leave your hotel with your favourite clothes. Surprise islanders and your friends with fun and astonishing outfits! Have you ever seen Santa Claus at the beach? 

The trailer which accompanies the news that Instant Sports Paradise is well worth taking in. Give it a watch and then hold tight for further news and info as and when we have it. It certainly looks as if the party game heat is about to ramp up.

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