Following on from the Aquaman and Batman: The Animated Series DLC, there’s yet another considerable piece of content available for LEGO DC Super-Villains; this time involving the hero once known as Captain Marvel, who’s found thriving under the Shazam moniker these days. Traveller’s Tales figured that us gamers needed a couple of tie-in levels for the recent Shazam! film, hence young Billy Batson (Shazam’s alter-ego) and co. are here to prolong the LEGO DC Super-Villains experience even further. All you really want to know is: is the Shazam! Movie Level Pack worth your cash?

lego dc shazam dlc

Consisting of two parts, the Shazam! Movie Level Pack focuses on two of Shazam’s/Billy Batson’s most exciting action sequences from the film as he faces off against his nemesis Dr. Sivana, so if you didn’t catch Shazam! at the cinema, please be aware there will be spoilers ahead. Not only does the pack add two levels to LEGO DC Super-Villains – “Sivana Escape” and “Sivana Showdown” – but it also brings a cavalcade of playable characters along with them to improve a roster that’s already bursting at the seams.

Both levels are preceded by the usual comic book storyboarding to set the scene, but instead of roping in Lobo for a half-arsed introduction as seen with the previous Batman DLC, Zachary Levi (who plays the titular role in Shazam!) actually voices Shazam here. It’s a really nice touch to have him reprising the role and these segments do a comical job of filling in the gaps ahead of the action that you’re about to be thrust into.

The “Sivana Escape” level throws you into the midst of the shopping mall scuffle between Shazam and Sivana, with a button mashing affair occurring immediately. Subsequently, Shazam transforms back into the unassuming Billy Batson to try and go unnoticed, which leads to a whole load of destruction inside a store and the genius use of a well-placed Batarang by his side-kick Freddy. What’s great is the interior design of the shop, because it’s full of Christmassy objects, generic toys and boxes of actual LEGO sets; the overall vibe is spot on for the environment. Whilst there’s nothing extraordinary about the way in which the encounters with Sivana play out, the level is just good, wholesome fun.

Then there’s the more substantial “Sivana Showdown” that sees Sivana shooting beams of electricity at Shazam that must be dodged across two fights, with a selection of the Seven Deadly Sins keeping you occupied in between. You’ll have to team up with Billy’s other foster siblings, now in Shazam form, to work out ways to lure Gluttony to his demise and distract Pride, before launching an attack on the rather irate Wrath. It’s all very enjoyable, however the fairground setting created, and all of the little details in it, are what really makes the level a great all-rounder.

Once the levels have been completed once, it unlocks a whopping 18 new playable characters, including all of the foster kids in their natural form and as their super-hero alter-ego,  as well as the wizard version of Shazam, the monstrous sins of Envy, Gluttony, Pride and Wrath, and Dr. Sivana. Apart from a few more of the Seven Deadly Sins, there’s not much more you could ask for in truth. There is replayability to be had too as there are sections that require other heroes and villains with different abilities to be used in order to unlock mini-kits and such.

All in all, the LEGO DC Super-Villains Shazam! Movie Level Pack delivers a thoroughly enjoyable hour or so that’s filled with wonderfully designed locations, a few good battles against the evil Sivana, the chance to come face to face with some sinful creatures, and ultimately the opportunity to unlock more characters than you could ever imagine. Having Zachary Levi on-board voicing Shazam is a huge bonus too and really gets the excitement levels flowing straight away. And when you consider the amount of authentic content here which ties-in with the Shazam! film, £4.79 doesn’t seem that much to pay.

Even if you only grab one piece of the LEGO DC Super-Villains DLC, make sure you choose Billy Batson.


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