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At some point the influx of KEMCO titles to the Xbox One market must surely start to slow down, but until that time arrives it seems like us Xbox One gamers are going to be given the opportunity to play through a whole host of brilliant RPG affairs. The latest release from KEMCO to the Xbox One world is that of Antiquia Lost, and it’s available to purchase and download right now.

Coming complete with a £12.49 price tag attached, Antiquia Lost has launched on Xbox One and Win10 PC to hopefully provide yet another wonderful KEMCO-fueled party.

Taking us off to the world of Edelstein, Antiquia Lost puts us into the shoes of Brine and friends, as they attempt to navigate through the wondrous world and discover the truth of what lies within. Running as a 2D turn-based RPG battler, Antiquia Lost will allow you to become at one with the battlefield as you utilise the characteristics and skills of three tribes – the Fai, Ruta and Eeth – refining weaponry and harvesting many items as you go.

If you have fallen in love with KEMCO’s previously released titles like Revenant Saga, Sephirothic Stories or even Bonds of the Skies, then you’ll no doubt be right at home here with this one.

There are even a number of DLC additions that you can pick up to help you on your little way, with the following all in place…

  • Skill Level Crystal – £2.49
  • Experience Value Crystal – £4.19
  • Boost Bead Set – £4.19
  • SP Crystal – £2.49
  • Battle Encounter Bead – £1.69

We’ll have our full review winging its way to your eyes real soon but should you wish to give Antiquia Lost on Xbox One a shot prior to reading those thoughts then heading to the Xbox Store should be the way to go.

Let us know in the comments if you decide to pick it up.

Game Description:

Edelstein, a world inhabited by three tribes, was a site of the Great Battle in the past. Today, the world is at peace due to the three tribes’ cooperation. But dark clouds are gathering over the future of the world that everyone thought would go on for ever… It’s time for Bine and his friends to discover the truth of the history of the world! Antiquia Lost is a fantasy RPG featuring beautiful 2D turn-based battles. Become the master of the battlefield by using the characteristics of the three tribes, Fai, Ruta and Eeth. The half-slime heroine, Lunaria, eats gems to grow and even mimic monsters’ powerful attacks. Customize the heroine as you wish to deal with strong enemies! The game offers a variety of achievements and elements, from weapon refining to harvesting items! Don’t miss out the challenges that await during the quest and on the arenas!

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