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Battling, brawling and bashing them back – that’s the basic premise of Divine Knockout (DKO).

Available right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC through Steam and Epic, Divine Knockout (DKO) comes from the Hi-Rez Studios (SMITE, Realm Royale) and Red Beard Games teams, allowing players with the opportunity to KO the greatest of gods as they embark on third-person platform fighting greatness. 

The idea behind Divine Knockout is an easy one – fight like there is no tomorrow, bashing back any enemies that may come your way, knocking them out of the arena as you do so. It’s a mechanic that we’ve become well versed with over the years, but now we get to do it all in style. See, Divine Knockout (DKO) ushers forth the likes of Hercules to the brawling battlegrounds, King Arthur and his legendary Excalibur and even Thor. If you’re looking to lay the smackdown, those three alone will have you sorted. 

In all there are eight of the mightiest Gods present in Divine Knockout (DKO) and you’ll find access to them – and the full game including all the maps and modes you need – through a purchase of Divine Knockout (DKO) – Founders Edition. This will set you back £21.99 from the Xbox Store whilst an Ultimate Edition ups the price to £43.99 and throws in a host of other exciting options; God Tokens, Runes, Titles, Avatars, Decals and more. 

Full key inclusions of the Divine Knockout (DKO) Ultimate Edition includes:

  • – The full game (all maps and modes)
  • – 8 Gods (Amaterasu, Sol, Hercules, Susano, Ymir, Athena, Thor, and King Arthur)
  • – 4 God Tokens (Used to unlock any God of your choice in DKO)
  • – The Epic Biohazard Sol Skin AND the Epic Darkheart Athena Skin
  • – 1,000 Runes
  • – “The Ultimate” Title
  • – A DKO Founder Emote and Avatar
  • – King Me Crater Decal
  • – The Founders Profile Card

Hopes are high for what Divine Knockout (DKO) can produce so stay tuned for our full review of the game very soon. We’re playing on Xbox Series X|S, but you should be equally covered by taking in the game on Xbox One, PS4, PS5 or PC. You’ll find the Xbox Store is able to provide downloads of both the standard Divine Knockout (DKO) Founders Edition and that of Divine Knockout (DKO) Ultimate Edition.

Let us know how you decide to brawl.

Game Description:

KO the gods in the world’s only 3rd-person platform fighter! Become a small-but-mighty god of myth, brawl in all three dimensions, and knock your friends off the map to reign supreme. Damage enemies to make them vulnerable, then knock them out of the arena with a mighty blow! Enjoy combat inspired by 2D platform fighters, but brought into a unique third-person perspective. You can hurl boulders as Hercules, swing Excalibur as King Arthur, or wield Mjolnir as Thor – just three of the 8 Gods you’ll unlock instantly with the Founders Edition.

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