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There are a few zoo management titles available across the land, with Planet Zoo and Zoo Tycoon amongst the best of them. Very soon though there will be another addition to the genre as No More Robots have unveiled Let’s Build a Zoo – with release set for this coming summer. 

Whilst confirmed formats are still thin on the ground, there’s hope that Let’s Build a Zoo will come to a range of consoles and PC, with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC players all ready to get involved in some animal magic. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as confirmed formats are known. 

For now though, Let’s Build a Zoo looks super interesting. Running the cutesy look, the development team at Springloaded Games are ensuring that their zoo offering will allow you the chance to be put in charge of your very own animal sanctuary. From there, spending time building enclosures and filling them with a host of animals is looking likely to be par for the course. 

How you wish to run your zoo is entirely up to you – you can go all out on the grandest of scales, or just throw everything together and hope for the best. With hundreds of animals to breed and import, a host of buildings to create, decorations to place and paths to ensure your visitors are kept happy, Let’s Build a Zoo looks to be a pretty in-depth option. 

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But then it goes bigger still and this zoo sim will let you go about creating life – much in the same way as Jurassic World Evolution – bringing together various species of animals and creating your own weird and wonderful beings. There will be 300,000 combinations available and so if you want to fill your zoo with Crocoducks and Owlybaras, you can do so. 

There is also a morality system being thrown in to Let’s Build a Zoo, and whilst the majority of decent folk will want to ensure their staff, animals and visitors have a great old time, if you wish to become a slave driver, you can. 

The trailer below will give further insight into how Let’s Build a Zoo plays out. Expect to be able to get hands-on with a closed PC beta in the near future, and as soon as we know more, we’ll bring you it – especially if that news revolved around an Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S release of Let’s Build a Zoo. 

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