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You can play your shooters forever more and get involved with the fastest racers whenever you like, but every now and then it’s nice to see a new style of gameplay experience arrive. That is most definitely the case with the upcoming launch of We. The Revolution on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with the teams at Klabter and Polyslash building on a previous PC release. Want to get a first look at some of the console gameplay?

Join us as we send our very own Gareth off on a new type of adventure, one that he probably isn’t overly comfortable with, dipping into the wonders of the French Revolution and attempting to pass judgement on a number of morally ambiguous court cases! Will he send them down, or do they get off scot-free?

Running with an intuitive UI that has been much of the console porting focus, We. The Revolution on Xbox One drops us into the paranoid world of the French Revolution, before playing as a judge overseeing a number of trials. 

If courtroom banter is your thing, the French Revolution is a draw, or a brilliantly designed game is something you have a call for, then We. The Revolution may well just be your thing. You’ll find the game rocking up onto Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch come June 25th 2019, and we’ll be sure to have some review thoughts up and live around that time as well. 

For now though, join us as we run a Let’s Play of We. The Revolution on Xbox One. 

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