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Lightyear Frontier is now on Game Pass, Xbox and PC


lightyear frontier on xbox
Lightyear Frontier lands in Game Preview on Xbox and PC

We first heard of the open-world farming of Lightyear Frontier back in 2021, with launch on Xbox and PC promised soon. And here we are in 2024 with that launch taking place – at least through Game Preview and Game Pass. 

So Lightyear Frontier may not quite be ready to rule the world, with FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Studios preferring to take an Early Access look at things. But with it landing in Game Pass on Day One, we see no reason to not jump in right now. Just be aware, as with all Game Preview titles, this is a work-in-progress, a non-complete game – as such, things might just change. 

An Early Access farming treat

Available to download from the Xbox Store, Lightyear Frontier is playable on Xbox Series X|S and PC. It sits under a Game Pass tag, or behind a £20.99 cash purchase. 

However you drop in, this is an open-world farmer that is hotly anticipated, if only because it looks to do things different to the norm. See, in Lightyear Frontier it’s the mechs which are front and centre. 

Offering up a peaceful new planet to call home, in Lightyear Frontier you’ll be left to create a homestead, farming the land forevermore. You’ll be able to do this solo, or with friends, all as you navigate and explore in customisable mechs. As with all farmers, the world around you will grow and adapt to your actions. And only by discovering a host of secrets and mysteries will you be able to create the world of your dreams. 

With that Game Preview/Early Access take, the team behind Lightyear Frontier have already nailed down a bit of a roadmap. Expect the game to evolve in the weeks and months ahead, with updates and features aplenty. 

And then, as a full release comes into view, we’ll look to run a review of Lightyear Frontier on Xbox. Before that time, some hands-on thoughts will be yours. There’s a reason this one has found a place in our best games for March article though.

Key game features

  • RELAX ON A PEACEFUL WORLD – Live the quiet life as you take in the sights and sounds of your new home. Enjoy a low-stress, combat-free experience without the need to manage things like thirst and hunger. Just focus on farming, exploration, and discovery! Relax to a chill, atmospheric cosmic country soundtrack
  • PILOT AND UPGRADE YOUR MECH – Farm, build, and explore in a customizable mech! Choose from an array of tools, unlock new upgrades, and personalize your mech with an assortment of paint choices and mech parts.
  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR ENVIRONMENT – Carefully manage your relationship with the ecosystem, restoring the surrounding regions by cleaning up the mysterious pollution, clearing out invasive weeds, and mitigating the effects of hazards. Plant new trees to replace the ones you harvest, and ensure a sustainable homestead!
  • PLANT, GROW, HARVEST – Get your new life started by sowing a diverse harvest! Collect seeds of numerous plants as you explore the planet, growing them into fully-fledged harvests. Care for your fields by watering them consistently while enhancing their growth with fertilizer. Trade the harvested crops for credits or turn them into materials for buildings and upgrades.
  • CREATE YOUR NEW HOME – Create the exofarm of your dreams as you turn resources into buildings! Grow your presence as you expand your homestead from basic structures to a fully-fledged, retro-futuristic farm. Make your place your own with alternative color palettes and decorations.
  • EXPLORE A PLANET WITH A PAST – Venture out into the wilderness to discover this new world’s ancient secrets. Team up with your friendly scanner satellite to decipher clues spread across the planet’s varied environments and uncover lost knowledge.
  • FARM AND EXPLORE ALONE OR AS A GROUP – While your mech can handle anything the world throws at you, feel free to invite up to three friends to join you on this journey of settling and exploration! Pool your resources to create the perfect exofarm, and share the rewarding feeling of a good harvest with your pals!

Download now via Game Pass!

You’ll find a download of Lightyear Frontier on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox Series X|S and PC. We’d suspect that you’ll want to make the most of the Game Pass subscription, but let us know what you think of this one. The comments are below. 

Lightyear Frontier Description

Start your interstellar homestead in this peaceful open-world farming adventure! Build your sustainable exofarm, grow alien crops, customize your mech, and explore a new world full of mystery with up to three friends!

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