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Live the free life of a dino in Path of Titans on Xbox and PlayStation

path of titans on xbox

There are plenty of dinosaur-themed videogames kicking around the various stores, with our personal favourites sitting in the Jurassic World Evolution line. Path of Titans tries something different though, giving you the chance to live life as a dino an a huge massive multiplayer world. 

Path of Titans is already available on PC and mobile, with a visit to the Alderon Games Launcher the best way of getting access. Now though it’s come to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 too, working cross-platform play as you prove yourself in what could be the greatest ever dinosaur adventure. 

Path of Titans arrives in Game Preview ‘Closed Beta’ form as Alderon Games test things ahead of a Nintendo Switch drop later in the year. However you play, it gives you the chance to survival in this dino-MMO, moving from evolving from an egg, and hoping you make it through to adulthood. 

There are no less than twenty-six of the finest dinosaurs available in Path of Titans, with the ecosystem itself catering for not just AI creatures that roam the land, but up to 200 other human players too. How you play, will pretty much be up to you. 

“The Founder’s Edition closed beta launch is an exciting milestone for us and the Path of Titans community,” says Matthew Cassells, co-founder of Alderon Games. “The addition of console platforms will bring a lot of new players into the game, and the addition of T-Rex hatchlings will make things very interesting around Panjura.”

The Founders Edition of Path of Titans gives access to Panjura, an 8km x 8km map in which you look to explore and survive; rewards and incentives to help push you along. There will be a ton of quests to enjoy too, as well as the chance to customise things as you wish, altering your dino-details with various attributes and abilities. 

The key features in all include:

  • Massively Multiplayer: The huge, dynamic environment is filled with AI critters, quest zones, and caves set for you to create a home base, on servers for up to 200 players. Team up with players to take on challenges together or join friends in a herd for even larger, coordinated group efforts to take on the big in-game events! Or go it alone and carve your own path, how you survive is completely up to you.
  • Character Customization: Unlock skins and alternate species of each dinosaur genus. Change the individual colours of your dinosaur character and apply alternate subtle markings. Choose between multiple species of your favorite dinosaur, each with unique visual characteristics. Create a creature unique to you!
  • Questing & Events: Complete quests that encourage and reward immersive cooperation and unlock achievements to collect exclusive in-game content. Collect materials to build nests to sleep in, hunt various rare critters and PvP dinosaurs, forage for hidden plants, or defend your herd members, all while enduring natural world events that will shape the landscape around you. 
  • Attributes & Abilities: Spend points to alter your abilities and attacks to tailor your character to your preferred play style. Swap out one of your bite attacks for a claw attack or a tail swipe, or reduce your HP and damage in exchange for more stamina and faster movement. 
  • Swimming, Diving & Fishing: Submerge fully underwater and hunt for AI fish and avoid being chomped by prehistoric crocodiles. Lurk just under the surface and lunge out of the water to surprise unsuspecting prey. Traverse the complex redwood river system and explore the depths of the swampy lakes. Make the most of your environment to survive as a semi-aquatic hunter! Coming soon is Gondwa, a map of islands with extensive inland waterways, lagoons and shoreline inlets. Home to your creatures of the air, land and water!
  • Modding: Community is important to any game, and the Path of Titans team recognizes the amount of passion and talent dinosaur enthusiasts have. Our game has powerful modding tools that will be free for anyone to download and use. With extensive documentation to guide modders, anyone will be able to upload their content for cross-platform cross-play gamers to enjoy.

The Xbox Store will provide you with the download of Path of Titans on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for free. We’ll be picking it up and pretending to be a T-rex. Will you?

Just remember, Game Preview and Closed Beta means that this is still a work in progress. Expect a few little oddities to crop up. 

Game Description:

You’ve never experienced a dinosaur adventure like this before! Path of Titans is an open-world dinosaur sandbox MMO adventure with 25+ dinosaur species inhabiting the realms of the Titans. With amazing graphics including over 100,000 variations of cosmetic skins, unique traits and skills for each dinosaur subspecies, the newly revealed islands of Gondwa map and available to play today, get ready to be transported to endless adventures wherever your dinosaur imagination takes you. Explore your Jurassic Era dinosaurs as you level up species with your friends, and discover even more Community Mods’ creatures and maps available today. Survive, explore, fight and thrive PvP and PvE while ranking up your skill slots, side questing, and customizing glorious cosmetic skins through the islands of Gondwa and highlands of Panjura! Baby dinosaurs start off your adventure, learn to explore, master combat, make friends, join a herd or survive solo, hunt, fish, graze, defend resources, say just one more side quest tonight, build a home cave, start your own dinosaur family with your new baby characters or your friends’ babies, and expand your skills, traits, ingame cosmetic skins while roaming the Earth of millions of years ago! Dinosaurs rule these lands, and now you can enter their world! With more Official dinosaurs and Community Mods on the way, the question today… which dinosaur will you take your first steps with on the Path of Titans?

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Isaiah Collins
Isaiah Collins
10 months ago

Dude, the game can’t be played on xbox, you can’t login

Reply to  Isaiah Collins
7 months ago

no you can u just have to enter the code on the website takes afew trys took me hour to find out

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