Degrees of Separation xbox one

It’s Valentine’s Day, so why not decide to share the love with your nearest and dearest in the latest co-op experience on Xbox One, Degrees of Separation, which is a puzzling platformer that explores different stages of a relationship. Love knows no boundaries either as it’s available right now on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC too!

Degrees of Separation looks set to weave some 2D platforming and environment-based puzzles into a touching narrative that’s geared up for a local co-operative adventure. The story focuses on the relationship between the fire master Ember and the manipulator of all things cold, Rime. Players must work together and make use of the contrasting temperatures to overcome any potential obstacles in their path. Can these two opposing forces truly coexist and grow closer, despite such polarity between them?

Each of the worlds within Degrees of Separation will explore a different stage of a budding relationship – ranging from trust to anger – incorporating varying emotions and gameplay mechanics that change how players must approach each area they happen to traverse. You’ll have the ability to construct platforms using converging forces and create explosions, to name just a couple of the ways that working together leads to progress.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have that special someone to explore the lush fantasy world in Degrees of Separation though, because it’s also possible to actually go it alone by controlling both protagonists in tandem. Should you wish to get involved with this 2D co-op puzzle platformer, those gaming on Xbox One can find it on the Xbox Store for £15.59, whilst potential buyers on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, will have to visit their own respective digital stores.

Let us know whether this brings joy to your Valentine’s Day by getting in touch below and keep an eye out for our full review soon.

Game Description:

Degrees of Separation is a 2D puzzle platformer in which duo Ember and Rime must use their contrasting powers to manipulate heat and cold to overcome obstacles. Through cooperation, they will learn about each other and the fate of their worlds. Developed with both solo and co-op play in mind, players will discover a touching narrative crafted by acclaimed industry veteran Chris Avellone. With Ember’s mastery of heat and Rime’s control of cold, scenic landscapes will come alive as the pair uses their unique abilities alone and in tandem to create powerful gusts of wind, frozen rivers, controlled explosives, and more to solve a variety of puzzles through several distinct worlds. With their unique talents, the two will learn to lean on each other through the many different stages of their adventure and relationship.

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