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LucidSound LS1X Premium Chat Gaming Headset for Xbox One Review


As a general rule, I’m not a fan of one-ear headsets. And I’m even less a fan of those which just deal with chat capabilities. You see, when I go gaming I want to become as immersed as possible and have found that the best way of doing that is by dropping a set of proper cans on over my ears – just like the LS10X Wired Headset – and hiding myself away from the real world. But if I were to change the habit of a lifetime and decide to fully embrace the one-cup way of life, I’d want to be doing it with the LucidSound LS1X Premium Chat Gaming Headset for Xbox One.

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The LucidSound LS1X headset is certainly one of the better options available to those gamers who wish to utilise the power of their own gaming audio setup whilst still being able to listen in to their online friends, communicating without fuss nor bother. In fact, due to the overall build and sound quality, I see no reason why anyone would want to shy away from this brand and decide against it over another option.

As the name suggests the LucidSound LS1X Premium Chat Headset has been created with one thing in mind – chatting with your mates; there is no game sound delivered here. And it allows the opportunity for you to do that brilliantly with a single earcup that has been infused with a custom tuned 50mm driver, something which is pretty much unheard of in the cheap chat headset stakes. Thanks to this, every single sound you’ll hear from the rest of your party is clear and concise, with little in the way of any distortion or hiccup. Of course, it’s not got an awful lot to worry about delivering, as there are no in-game audio moments to take care of, but for chat purposes it’s pretty perfect. 

The volume can be dialled up and down with ease too, thanks to LucidSound’s standard twisting volume ring on the outside of the cup, letting you gather the required volume with ease. Placed on the left earcup – the only earcup – it’s easy to grab in a hurry and is considerably easier than having to fumble around for a smaller audio dial. 

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The sound out of your own mouth is given a decent hit too with a fully flexible noise-cancelling boom mic taking care of your own dulcet tones, before sending them off to others in your party. And throughout use of the LucidSound LS1X party members have sung praise with what they’ve been hearing too, with crystal clear comms always present. And when you don’t want them to hear you, a quick hit of the earcup itself mutes the mic – signified by a bright red light on the tip of the mic.

With an open back design to the earcup and a rather lovely black and green aesthetic design, there’s pretty much little to complain about in terms of how this LucidSound offering handles chat capabilities. For those who are just looking to spend an hour or so with their online friends, you can’t ask for much more.

Except that is, a bit of padding. See, whilst sticking this over your head is simple enough, and the earcup itself comes with a more than acceptable amount of squish, the measly amount of padding afforded to the headband is poor. In fact, the padding is so thin that you may as well go without it. But hey, at least there is more than many other chat options bother with, as for some strange reason this headset type is lacking on that front across the board.

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The same can be said for the grip on the alternate side to the cup, which holds the right side of your head to ensure there is no slip. It does the job just fine, and you’ll never feel this LS1X moving from initial placement, but again the padding on here is certainly on the light side. I just wish that LucidSound had found it within themselves to provide some decent comfort across the entire headband and down into the grip – it would ensure that purchasing this headset for chat purposes would fast become a no-brainer.

Instead what we have is a very, very, good chat headset; one that does everything that its job entails. But similarly it could well be a tad more comfortable over extended periods, with the inclusion of more padding letting you settle down for the most intense gaming sessions with your online mates in tow. Granted, the inclusion of a great 50mm driver and the delights of some crystal clear chat from the boom mic sells a purchase, but just be aware that lengthy sessions aren’t it’s forte.

Massive thanks go out to LucidSound for providing the LS1X Premium Chat Gaming Headset for Xbox One for review purposes. If you wish to pick up this headset yourself, swing by LucidSound and grab it. 

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