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Wanna play a game that makes games? SuperMash is here, launching on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

Available right now on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, SuperMash from Digital Continue moves away from its previously exclusive home on PC to mash things up on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, allowing players to challenge themselves with a mix of genres – Metrovania, Shoot ‘em Up, Stealth, Platformer, JRPG, and Action Adventure – all as things get mashed up beyond recognition.

Taking place in a video game store which provides quests, SuperMash sells itself as a ‘zany game-making game’, and that means players getting involved will be able to happen upon the randomness it revels in, with randomly generated games – Mashes – challenging them in a whole range of ways.

Priced at £16.74, SuperMash has previously been a PC only title and those still happily playing with their Epic Games Store download will continue to be able to do so, with a new update pushing out fixes, improvements and more as this console edition drops. Working with positive and negative ‘glitches’ SuperMash is able to create the most random of games, delivering unpredictable scenarios by altering the mechanics of the Mashes the game gives you in order to provide something totally unique. Sound strange? That’s because it is.

But further to that those who go deep will be able to also control certain elements of what they play by applying Dev Cards. These represent a generous selection of characters, enemies, environments, and more. And further still, those immersing themselves in everything SuperMash delivers will also be able to share the Mashes they find with their friends by giving them its unique playable code.

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In SuperMash, you can:

  • Mash together six unique 2D game genres, including Metrovania, Shoot ‘em Up, Stealth, Platformer, JRPG, and Action Adventure. Each can be combined with itself or one of the other genres.
  • Further customize Mashes generated with collectable in-game Dev Cards, which allow them to pick and choose specific characters, enemies, worlds, and more every time they play.
  • Run a video game shop stocked with retro hybrids of player-created games.
  • Share their favorite combinations with the world through unique codes generated for each Mash.

Tempted by the unique nature of SuperMash? Want to know more? Our full review is fast approaching and will be with you any minute, but for now hop yourself over to your favoured digital store – Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop or that Epic Games Store – and grab a download of this rather intriguing affair.

You’d do well to check out the trailer below too – at the very least it’ll give you little insight into the craziness it brings.

Game Description:

SuperMash is a game that makes games! Mash together two game genres to get a completely unique new game each time, then challenge your friends to see how they do! Jume’s game shop is in trouble, and she needs her brother Tomo’s help to save it! Mash together iconic genres to create never-before-seen gaming experiences. Jump through classic Platformer levels with a tactical Stealth character, fight as spaceships in engaging JRPG battles, and more! Anything is possible with SuperMash’s emergent game system, which creates a unique game every time you play. You can even customize your Mashes with the help of Dev Cards! Think the Mash you made is impossible? Share its MASH Code with a friend or streamer and see if they can beat it!


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