Sonic Mania released last year and instantly became a hit, showing Sega that new “retro” Sonic does indeed work and that fans, or those with even a vague interest, will lap it up with vigour.

The game ended up being such a big hit that Sega have seen fit to grant the game not only a shiny new physical release but also to explore on the original content whilst fixing some of the issues present in the base game (pesky bosses for example.). The physical release includes the base game and new plus content along with a shiny 32 page art book to gawp at when your not running around trying to save the world from Eggman.

The Plus content gives us two new additions to the character roster pulled from the rather obscure SegaSonic The Hedgehog game. First up is Mighty the armadillo who can attack from above with a ground pound that also opens up new pathways through levels, and Ray the squirrel who has the ability to glide, opening up even more new pathways to explore.

On top of the above character additions the plus content includes Encore mode which takes all the levels from the base game and remixes them in various, interesting ways, adding new areas and moving the enemies around while some levels like Green Hill for example get a completely new look. There are also new special stages, the addition of time trial ghosts to tackle and an expanded 4-player Competition mode.

A nice package overall and even better is that if you own the base game all the extra content comes in at a measly £3.99 and it’s available here.

Game Description:

Sonic Mania Encore DLC – Experience a new take on familiar zones with the all-new Encore Mode, play as two new characters with their unique abilities: Mighty the Armadillo, and Ray the Flying Squirrel, and compete with up to four friends in expanded Competition Mode!

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