If it’s got an engine, and can be raced, then Milestone are interested. And not just content with delivering us the likes of Gravel and MotoGP 18, the Italian developers are back once more with news – and the release date – of RIDE 3.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 8th 2018, RIDE 3 is the next instalment in Milestone’s successful two-wheeled racing series. One of the most secure franchise in Milestone’s long portfolio, Ride is a series of titles that has become a bit of a tribute to the whole motorbike scene. With a Guinness World Record arriving for most licensed bikes in a videogame with RIDE 2, hopes for the next game are already high.

RIDE 3 has however been revised heavily, especially in terms of the realism, customization and variety of content included. Milestone are promising that a mix of elements will make this third edition the ultimate motorbike encyclopedia – a realistic and adrenaline-packed title dedicated to those addicted to racing, in fact.

With Unreal Engine 4 powering it, you should expect to find a whole host of new features and elements that will deliver the adrenaline only normally found with real riding. The track list has also been increased and there will be GPs and Supermoto tracks for those who like to embrace their inner pro, Country and City races to let us take in iconic spots from around the globe, and both Road and Drag Races for the speed freaks.

A hugely innovative Livery Editor will also be in play, allowing the customisation of your bikes to be taken to a whole new levels. There will be a lot of bikes too – more than 230 in fact.

Key features of RIDE 3 include:

  • More than 230 bikes at DayOne divided into 7 categories, including a new one;
  • 12 brand new tracks, for a total amount of 30 tracks;
  • Diverse customization possibilities, which will enable players to customize their bikes both from a mechanical and aesthetic point of view.
  • Mechanical customization options will include more than 500 customizable bike parts: players will be able to create their perfect ride deciding whether to pimp their engine or intervene on brakes and suspensions, as well as modify the transmissions or adjust the wheels as they prefer. Aesthetic customization will include an innovative Livery Editor for limitless creativity, to design the livery of your dreams and share it online;
  • Extreme realism reached thanks to the introduction of Unreal Engine 4, used for the first time in a RIDE title, which ensures a great visual rendering as well as detailed particle and lighting effects and a photorealistic level of the environments. Moreover, with the new graphic engine Milestone’s team has been able to include night modes for the first time in a ride title. Last but not least, the Drone Scanning System has been used to reproduce all tracks down to the smallest detail;
  • A completely revised career mode based on volumes, a unique experience that tells the story of a specific bike category, manufacturers or iconic tracks;
  • Improved AI, a new physics simulation and a revised collision system.

RIDE 3 may still be some way off, but if you want to get the juices flowing then you could do a whole load worse than check out the trailer below. And then wait. Patiently.

Or you could just read our review of RIDE 2 on Xbox One. The choice is yours!

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