We love a RIG headset. They are light, easy to use, capable of delivering the sounds that we need in order to enhance our gaming sessions and, ultimately, are brilliant value for money. And it’s for those reasons alone why we’re excited to see NACON push out the new Pro Series of RIG Gaming Headsets to European shores. 

NACON have today confirmed that their new RIG Pro Series headsets are available to purchase in Europe. Coming in the form of eight models set across three different ranges, it’s the RIG 300 PRO, RIG 500 PRO and RIG 800 PRO which are front and centre. 

“We are delighted to announce the launch of the next generation of RIG gaming headsets in Europe and to offer to console and PC gamers, multiple options to suit the way they play” said Gregory Morquin, Global Business Director for NACON. “In addition to the two corded series, we also wanted to deliver a significant upgrade to RIG 800 PRO, our hugely popular wireless gaming headset, by adding a multifunction base station. The new “PRO Series” of RIG gaming headsets offer gamers unrivalled audio performance to help them play better at incredible value for money.”

The RIG 300 PRO is the headset which is found at the bottom of the RIG rung; super cheap and totally wired, it’s a headset that brings forth a few RIG ideas for a pretty unbeatable price. 

RIG 300 PRO: Top quality gaming headset at an unbeatable price

rig 300 pro headset

Gamers can now play for longer, more comfortably and at an unbeatable price with the unrivalled performance of the RIG 300 PRO headset. The oversized earcups with precision-tuned 40mm drivers, produces deep bass and clear highs. The microphone flips up discreetly for easy storage or travel. Ultralight headset frame is flexible, durable and virtually unbreakable while fabric covered foam headband and ear cushions reduce fatigue and provide the comfort needed for long gaming sessions.

  • RIG 300 PRO is available in a range of models:
    • 300 PRO HS for PlayStation®, available in black or white, for €29.99
    • 300 PRO HX for Xbox, available in black or white, for €29.99
    • 300 PRO HN for Nintendo Switch™, available in black, for €29.99

All models are compatible across other platforms and with any device with a 3.5mm jack.

From there we move up to the RIG 500 PRO GEN 2 – a competitive grade gaming headset that builds on that which came before, adding in a new flexible headband and mic. You’re getting Dolby Atmos in here too. 

RIG 500 PRO GEN 2: Competitive grade gaming headset

rig 500 pro headset

The new generation of RIG 500 PRO takes everything gamers loved about the first generation and adds a few upgrades. It includes an all-new flexible, lightweight and highly durable steel headband. The dual-material ear cushions block outside noise and remain comfortable for the longest sessions. Low distortion precisely tuned 50 mm drivers deliver game-changing sound, optimized for games with 3D sound. A 2-year activation code for of Dolby Atmos* is included for even greater immersion in gamers’ favourite games.

  • RIG 500 PRO is available in a range of models:
    • 500 PRO HC GEN 2 for consoles, available in black or white, for €79.99
    • 500 PRO HA GEN 2 for PC, available in black, for €79.99
    • RIG 500 PRO HC is compatible across other platforms and with any device with a 3.5mm jack.

RIG 500 PRO comes with a Y-splitter cable for soundcards and is recommended for PC gaming, while it remains compatible with consoles.

And at the top end of the RIG scale comes the RIG 800 PRO; a wireless headset that makes the most of a multi-function base station. If you’re serious about your gaming but need the RIG vibe pulsing through your life, this is the one for you. 

RIG 800 PRO: Wireless headset and multi-function base station


RIG 800 PRO takes gamers to the next level with its multi-function base station, which provides wireless connection, charging and storage for the headset. The removable wireless USB adapter can also be plugged directly into a console, PC or laptop, allowing the stand to be placed anywhere for headset charging convenience.

Equipped with an impressive 24 hours of battery life in a single charge, RIG 800 PRO delivers extreme wireless comfort in a lightweight design. Signature unbreakable headband with self-adjusting head strap and dual-material ear cushions let you game in comfort for hours. Precision 40 mm drivers with bass enhancers are engineered to produce accurate 3D audio.

  • RIG 800 PRO is available in a range of models:
    • 800 PRO HS for PlayStation® for €199.99
    • 800 PRO HX for Xbox for €199.99
    • 800 PRO HD for PC for €199.99

800 PRO HD and 800 PRO HX include a lifetime licence for Dolby Atmos® and offer gamers 3D precision audio by simply connecting the headset to their favourite platform.

The question is, which RIG headset will you be buying? Let us know down in the comments. 

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