The award-winning cooperative sandbox action-RPG Portal Knights just received an update on mobile platforms to help players unleash their creativity. Don’t worry, it’s coming to consoles soon and so we’ve got all the details.

The Creative Update lets players select from a range of impressive environments and create anything they desire using unlimited blocks, furniture, decorations and more, ensuring the Creative Mode empowers gamers with a greater freedom when building and designing. But that’s not all in regards the latest update as a brand new pirate city rocks up on the Portal Knights shores, as well as lots of new armors to discover.

Check out the new features arriving alongside the introduction of Creative Mode listed below –

  • Pirate City – Landlubber’s Leap: Explore the rip-roaring pirate city, Landlubber’s Leap and take on brand-new adventures. Meet new characters, complete their quests and earn exciting rewards!
  • Mysterious Spectral Knights: Find our new mysterious Spectral Knights who will guide players on their epic journeys and complete daring quests.
  • New Armor: Players will discover over 20 new armors! Find armors in dungeon chests or craft new exotic armor at the Portal Knights sanctuary.
  • Weekly Gifts: Find or craft mailboxes in-game to discover a new, free gift every week!

Keep an eye out for the update in Portal Knights on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as it’ll be heading their soon. In the meantime, why not check out our full review of the game to get a better idea of what it’s all about?

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