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New free and paid content fires onto Sniper Elite 5


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Rebellion don’t need a reason to continue building out the content found in Sniper Elite 5, but when they do have a reason, they go to town. Today, just as they look to celebrate their 30th anniversary, it’s that Rebellion team which is providing Sniper Elite 5 players with access to new free and paid content. 

Should you have a copy of Sniper Elite 5 to hand then you’ll now find availability to two new content packs – the Airborne Elite Pack and Tide of War Survival Map both come for free, as well as the Conqueror Mission and Weapon Pack; you’ll have to pay for that one. 

The two new packs arrive on the back of Rebellion celebrating some three decades of being in the business, the last of which has seen them really hammer things home with the likes of Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Strange Brigade, Sniper Elite 4 and Sniper Elite 5. 

Rebellion Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Kinglsey OBE, said: “We believe that our 30-year anniversary is a great achievement, and we are delighted to celebrate it by rewarding our loyal community with this free content for Sniper Elite 5. We see ourselves as a true British success story, so it made perfect sense for the content to have a strong British theme.”

So what are we getting access to as Rebellion go wild? Well, the Airborne Elite Pack is the freebie and gives players the chance to utilise the stunning Lee No.4 rifle, an iconic Parachute Regiment Character Skin for Karl and a Union Jack Weapon Skin for the Welrod pistol.

You’ll find that the Lee No.4 is a British bolt-action rifle that was famous for its ergonomics and ability to lay down shots rapidly via the ‘minute man’ hold, a special grip used to grip the bolt to reciprocate the bolt extremely quickly. It offers the shooter great stability, accuracy, and with a 10-round magazine, is very versatile with the powerful 303 British round.

From there comes the chance to combine this with the Parachute Regiment Character Skin and Union Jack Weapon Skin for the Welrod to complete a distinctly British military look.

Included in this free pack are:

• Lee No.4 Weapon Pack (Rifle + Attachments)
• Parachute Regiment Character Skin (Karl variant)
• Union Jack Weapon Skin for Welrod

But then there’s more and if you’re willing to splash the cash, you’ll be able to add the Conqueror Mission, Weapon and Skin Pack to Sniper Elite 5. 

This is a thrilling mission that sees the Nazis dug in, making a last stand in the town of Falaise.

They are using the historic castle which was once occupied by William the Conqueror as their strong hold. Players will have to breach the castle walls and take out the Nazi General who is hidden inside, before signalling the Allied Forces that they can begin their assault.

In addition to the mission, players will also receive the Drilling Shotgun. This Triple-barrelled Luftwaffe survival shotgun is devastating at close-range and still effective at distance when combined with Slug shells and a precision ironsight. Finally, the Oak Leaf Paint Weapon Skins gives weaponry a great new look that will help players blend into the undergrowth.

Included for £8.39 in this pack are:

• Conqueror Mission Pack
• Drilling Shotgun Weapon Pack
• Oak Leaf Paint Weapon Skins

You’ll find the Conqueror Mission, Weapon and Skin Pack (seriously, that name hardly rolls off the tongue) present and correct as part of the Season Pass One too. 

Finally we have the Tide of War Survival Map. This is playable in both single player and cooperative form, available now to all players. Taking players back to the beachhead town of Colline-Sur-Mer, Tide of War presents an ever-changing challenge as they fight on wide open sands and sea front, through narrow twisting streets and inland into open fields.

It’s in here where you’ll find that the environment can be used to the players advantage to flank enemy forces but beware as it can also work against you. The players will need to use all their stealth, sniping and combat skills to survive wave after wave of oncoming Nazi forces and vehicles.

Sniper Elite 5 is on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, making the most of Game Pass if you must. It’s also on PlayStation and PC. 

Conqueror Description:

Conqueror, the thrilling new mission for Sniper Elite 5, takes you to the town of Falaise as the retreating Nazi forces have dug in to make their last stand at the iconic castle, once occupied by William the Conqueror. You will have to use all of your stealth and skill to slip through the heavily defended Nazi lines, before breaching the castle walls to assassinate the General inside, allowing the Allies to claim victory.

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