For Monster Hunter: World to continue wowing the gaming crowds, it’s going to need content, and that is exactly what we’ve got today as a slew of new items have arrived for purchase both are premium paid additions and for free.

Available to grab from the Microsoft Store right now are new hairstyles, Gestures, sticker sets and costumes as Capcom continue to draw us in to their monster hunting experience. If you need something else to help you pass the time whilst you are out trapping, then all of the following are now available:

  • Additional Gesture Bundle 5 – £2.39
  • Sticker Set: Classic Monsters Set – £1.59
  • The Handler’s Busy Bee Dress – £2.39
  • Additional Gesture Bundle 3 – £3.19
  • Gesture: Gallivanting Dance – £3.19
  • Gesture: Spin-O-Rama – £1.59
  • Gesture: Air Splits – £1.59
  • Sticker Set: Endemic Life Set – £1.59
  • Hairstyle: The Admiral – FREE
  • Additional Sticker Set Bundle 2 – £3.19
  • Gesture: Passionate – £1.59
  • Additional Gesture Bundle 4 – £6.39
  • Gesture: Interpretive Dance – £3.19
  • Sticker Set: Research Comminssion Set – £1.59
  • Hairstyle: The Handler – FREE
  • Gesture: Squat Day – £1.59
  • Gesture: Windmill Whirlwind – £1.59
  • Gesture: Feverish Dance – £1.59

Whilst none of the above are overly expensive, and no doubt sitting there tempting in the biggest Monster Hunter fans, it’s great to see a couple of freebies thrown in for good measure. Yep, I know they are ‘just’ hairstyles, but anything that is free is good with me.

If you are still playing Monster Hunter: World, or wish to give it another go and were waiting on a reason to bother, then these newest DLC additions should give you that reason. If you’re one of the few who haven’t yet checked out the game and wish to know more then our full review should be enough to sort you out.

Take a look and then head over to the Microsoft Store in order to nab the content you want.

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