Just when you thought 2K must be running out of innovative ideas to keep on evolving the NBA 2K franchise, out comes The Neighborhood. And it sounds like it’s only going to improve the overall experience of NBA 2K18.

The Neighborhood marks the introduction of the first live world inside NBA 2K18; bringing the best elements of the NBA 2K – MyPARK, Pro-Am and MyCAREER – together into a shared world for players to get a truer experience of life as an NBA athlete.  The created characters, MyPLAYERs, live in a neighborhood environment with several locations in the city blocks to visit, filled with other MyPLAYERs and characters with whom to interact.

Experiences and ratings revolve around player actions, whether it’s running into Kyrie Irving while getting a shave at the barbershop, competing on the courts in The Playground, getting inked at the tattoo parlour, listening to the latest beats or showing off the latest gear to friends while strolling the block. A player’s experience is completely moulded by how they compete, allowing them to reap the rewards of playing NBA 2K18 in whatever way they enjoy doing so the most.

NBA 2K18 is also introducing the Road to 99, which is basically a meta-game that rewards users for improving their MyPLAYER’s overall rating, no matter which modes they choose to play. It’ll feature a unified badge system across Pro-Am, Park and their MyCAREER journey, their attributes, animations and badges all combine to define their play style on the road to achieving a 99 overall rating.

On 8th September, gamers can get an early feel of NBA 2K18 with this year’s version of “The Prelude”, which is a free, downloadable experience that begins their journey into The Neighborhood, available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The full NBA 2K18 game will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation3, Nintendo Switch and PC on 15th September, 2017.


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