If you hadn’t already guessed, it’s Halloween – and Bandai Namco are taking that opportunity to reveal more details regarding the upcoming Man of Medan.

The latest trailer for the game has dropped today and in it Bandai Namco are revealing the enigmatic and mysterious, Curator.

Played by British actor Pip Torrens (The Crown and Preacher), the Curator is an omniscient voyeur of our protagonists’ progress and choices. He joins an all-star cast of Man of Medan actors, which includes Shawn Ashmore (X-Men) as Conrad. Although, unlike the ever changing cast of each story in the anthology, the Curator will be an ever-present part of each chilling experience.

The Curator is a figure beyond time, chronicling stories of both life and death in his own private compendium as part of a vast repository, containing every story ever told. He’s been doing it for thousands of years, he supposes, but he can’t remember when he started, or whether there was ever a beginning to what he does.

But now, for reasons that he can’t quite understand, he’s been given the opportunity to talk to somebody. To you, The Player.

He knows that there are ‘rules’ with being an observer. He’s not supposed to interfere, but he’s excited, and can get a little carried away. He has seen things that the player has probably missed. Important things. But he’s not permitted to tell them what these things are, not directly that is. So, he drops hints where he feels he can, in the hope that the player will recognise his brilliance in hindsight. But don’t expect him to be straightforward. His hints can be somewhat ambiguous and cryptic.

“We were absolutely thrilled by the response to the announcement of The Dark Pictures in August, and we’re delighted to introduce an important character today that will be present throughout The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Curator.” said Pete Samuels, Executive Producer for The Dark Pictures Anthology, at Supermassive Games. “Voiced by Pip Torrens, you’ll see him for the very first time in our Man of Medan Halloween Trailer and he acts as a guide for the players to navigate their stories.”

Bandai are also taking this opportunity to let everyone know that Man of Medan will be delivered in a variety of languages too – English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. Launching in 2019 (both physically and digitally), Man of Medan is the first of The Dark Pictures, a series of stand-alone cinematic horror experiences releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and PC that have been designed to present a new, terrifying experience on a regular basis.

Even though each of the games will be unconnected, they will each feature a brand new story, setting, and a new cast of characters. It is the first of these stories that is delivered in Man of Medan, as it tells the tale of four young Americans who have set sail on a holiday diving trip, to find a rumoured WWII wreck. As the day unfolds, and as a storm rolls in, their trip soon turns into something much more sinister. Who will live? Who will die? Who knows?

Check out that trailer and you may discover even more details.

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