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Should you be looking for a new off-road racing fix then the launch of Overpass on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC soon is certainly one you should be keeping an eye on. Particularly as today has seen Zordix Racing deliver a new gameplay trailer – one that focuses on the features found within.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Feb 27th 2020, with a Nintendo Switch launch happening later this year, Overpass will come complete with 23 officially licensed vehicles, yet in the video below you’ll get to see how Zordix Racing Development Director Joakim Eriksson spends time with the Wildcat Sport LTD from Arctic Cat, before running through a number of gameplay features.

Joakim happily demonstrates the different ways to play Overpass too, with each track created to present players with a unique and tough challenge. There are challenges all along the course in fact – those of artificial obstacles, mud, rocks, and a whole ton more which must be tackled in order to get to the finish line.

When starting a race for the first time in Overpass you’ll want to explore the track at hand to familiarise yourself with the terrain and the traps ahead. From there, it’s a case of trying to complete it as fast as possible to get on the leaderboard or challenge the community in multiplayer in real time. Forcing through at full throttle is a sure way to send your wheels spinning and get stuck, losing precious seconds. However should you be able to drive with finesse, with precise acceleration and wise use of the differential, success will come your way, allowing you to navigate the hardest sections successfully.

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With a variety of both local and online modes available, Overpass promises to provide a rather intriguing off-road simulation, letting you challenge yourself on extreme tracks at the controls of buggies and quads from major manufacturers. We will of course be letting you know as soon as the game becomes available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on the 27th February 2020. For now though, hit up that trailer and join Joakim below.


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