It seems like it was only yesterday when we were last tending to our farm but Farming Simulator 17 is on the horizon…and the latest trailer shows off the new transport system.

Arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come October 25th 2016, Farming Simulator 17 will look to build on all other farming sims out there with new features and new idea. The biggest addition must surely be the inclusion of a train system.

Driven manually, the train is the fastest way to deliver produce in the largest quantities. You’ll find several areas that will allow you to stock, transfer or sell your grain and wood harvests directly from trains. Silos hold your grain (as always), while conveniently placed heavy-duty cranes will allow you to transfer wood between trains or unload it at the sawmill to be processed and sold.

But you may just need more than one line so that you can transfer your wood effectively. For example, you might need to transport wood across half of the map, transfer it to the second train line, then transport it the other half to Stanton Sawmill where you can process it into wood chips and sell it. There is no risk of losing cargo, as the wagons are equipped with convenient fastening belts to ensure stability of your product.

Of course, as a modern day farmer you’ll also get the chance to explore hundreds of acres of land, drive over 250 farming vehicles, harvest crops and take care of your livestock.

For now though, check out the trailer below and get planning those rails!


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