Deep Silver are preparing for the release of Dreamfall Chapters by dropping a brand new trailer the way of our eyes…and this one focuses right in on both the characters and the storylines that you’ll discover.

Due for release on Xbox One and PS4 come May 5th 2017, Dreamfall Chapters is a game set in two parallel worlds – one being a dark cyberpunk vision of the future, whilst the other that of a magical fantasy realm. Following two heroes, you’ll get the chance to journey across both worlds as you attempt to save the fabric of reality itself. Expect something mature, expect something emotional, but above all else, expect something that is completely magical.

The trailer released today gives you a little glimpse into what you should expect to see. It introduces us to the two heroes of the game, before dropping into the deep story that follows them right up to the events of the epic Dreamfall Chapters finale.

Should you like what you see, then it’s always good to know that both console versions of Dreamfall Chapters will come with multiple enhancements: reworked character models, improved animations, lightning, and special effects. An expanded in-game soundtrack will also be in place.

In fact, it’s key features includes:

  • GRIPPING STORY: Experience a deep and emotional storyline with over 100 fully voiced characters in EN and DE and continue the epic saga of The Longest Journey
  • FAR-REACHING DECISIONS: Shape the story and the course of your journey through your choices and actions, and live with the surprising and sometimes devastating consequences
  • EXCITING EXPLORATION: Delve into over 50 beautifully crafted locations, exploring each of them using the direct control interface.
  • DIVERSE WORLDS: Explore beautiful, rich, detailed and original worlds that combine a stunning cyberpunk vision of our future with magical fantasy, along with a broken and decaying dreamscape
  • THREE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Play as three different characters, all on journeys across worlds, through life, and into their own hearts and souls.
  • CHALLENGING PUZZLES & RIDDLES: Solve the completely plot-driven puzzles and riddles which are an integral part of the game’s narrative.
  • ENHANCED ON CONSOLES: Enjoy the definitive experience of Dreamfall Chapters on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One with reworked character models, improved animations, lightning, and special effects plus an expanded in-game soundtrack as well as improved sound-effects.

Pricesd at £24.99/$29.99, Dreamfall Chapters is really looking like something you should be checking out. We will of course remind you when it arrives.

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