It’s mid-2017 and that can only mean one thing… more Xbox One games for us to enjoy!

Yes, even though history dictates the middle couple of months of every year is seen as a quiet period in video game releases, 2017 is bucking the trend and continuing to deliver a number of titles that are well worth getting involved in. But what new Xbox One games will be on store shelves near you in the coming weeks? We take a look.

Get Even

Psychological thriller Get Even was originally due for release back in May. Pulled at the last minute due to the Manchester atrocities, June is finally the month that Xbox One gamers can explore the terrifying asylum setting which The Farm 51 have created, uncovering the dark mystery into your character Cole Black’s background.

While it may not be an out and out horror title, Get Even will have you on edge at all times, so you will definitely be relieved when you have a gun in your hands to dispose of the enemies wandering around. But it won’t be any old traditional gun, as Black will soon enough have his paws on a unique shooter that allows you to fire round 90 degree angles to solve puzzles as well as take down enemies – all whilst they are none the wiser.


If you prefer more of an old-school survival horror to take up your gaming time, then Syndrome will be right up your street.

You see, Syndrome is old-school survival horror at its simplest.

Trapped on a drifting spaceship, you have awoken from cryosleep to see all your co-workers gone, with terrifying monsters left in their place. Expect to have just a few weapons to use and even less ammunition to ward off any enemies. There is the option to fight the enemies, but with their superior speed and ability to kill, you should probably stick to the shadows and avoiding the monstrosities altogether.

With claustrophobic dark rooms, a lack of firepower, and a more powerful evil – Syndrome is what you need to quench your thirst for survival horror.

Tekken 7

Last month saw Injustice 2 arrive but now another fighter is hitting the Xbox market – Tekken 7 from Bandai Namco.

Retaining the iconic 3D battle gameplay from previous installments in the series, Tekken 7 will see you pit yourself up against the best the Tekken fighter roster has to offer, whilst at the same time wrapping up the ongoing Mishima Clan feud in the story mode.

Moreover, Tekken 7 introduces two new major fighting mechanisms to improve the gameplay, these being Rage Art, which increases your damage when your health bar is at critical, and Power Crush, which allows you to continue a move even when being hit as to not stop your flow. As is the norm with fighting games, Tekken 7 will have an online competitive mode, with tournaments included to really test your might against some of the best on the globe.

Furthermore, not only does Tekken 7’s roster include traditional characters such as Nina Williams and Kazuya Mishima, but the roster is now expanding out to other fighting franchises with the inclusion of Street Fighter’s Akuma amongst other new characters joining the fray.

Whether you are a Tekken veteran and want to test yourself against other experts online, or a novice and simply want to humour yourself with fighting pandas, the newest installment in Tekken 7 will insure that you can do just that.

The Golf Club 2

It is safe to say that, like most sporting games, EA are top of the list when it comes to decent golfing outings. But with the release of HB Studio’s The Golf Club in 2014, the golf world was turned upside-down. Something which the sequel, The Golf Club 2, also threatens to do.

Features include a career mode that can see your professional golfer make it to the top of the golfing world, and an expansive map creator complete with crowds and water features for maximum authenticity – resulting in a multitude of courses from The Golf Club and the sequel to try your hand at.

The Golf Club also introduces guilds of a sort, known as Societies. The order of play with Societies is pretty straightforward – challenge other players in tournaments while representing your own Society and see your group go up and down the ranks according to the outcome of your matches. To top it all off, all the golf you will be playing will be refined with the new Tempo swing, adding more control to each shot.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

We all wanted The Elder Scrolls series to become a huge expansive MMORPG, and a few years ago that dream became a reality with The Elder Scrolls Online. Now, after many new content additions and updates, the next chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online is coming to fruition with The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

Any fans of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind will be instantly reminded of the 2002 title, with TESO: Morrowind taking you back to iconic locations in Vvardenfell, such as the volcanic Ashlands and the docks of Seyda Neen, set 700 years prior to the third Elder Scrolls.

Not only will players be able to travel back to areas from Morrowind, but the new expansion will also introduce a new player class known as The Warden, complete with its nature-based magic and its War Bear ally. PvP will also be available in the game, with 4v4v4 arena environments in the Battlegrounds mode.

The Town of Light

It seems Get Even will get some competition this month with The Town of Light being another psychological thriller also set in an asylum – what are the chances of two of those in one month eh!?

The Town of Light follows the story of a woman called Renée and the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum in Tuscany, Italy – a real asylum that was shut down in 1978. A 16 year old Renée is in a spot of bother in 1938, resulting in her being thrown into the mental asylum which, imaginably, is pretty creepy. Through your choices, the young woman’s story will develop in different ways, hopefully revealing the mystery behind Renée being here.

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition

With a title of ‘Overkill Edition’ you can be sure that Victor Vran and his demon hunting pals are are bit crazy, and the gameplay of Victor Vran: Overkill Edition pretty much confirms this.

Expect to be dodging this way and that, wall-running around and using your demon slaying loadout, full to the brim of weapons and items from Shotguns to Talismans, to take down your enemies.

As with most RPGs, you will be able choose a class and level up your customized character, crafting new weapons to dispose of the demons that are littering the city of Zagoravia. It is up to you and a couch co-op partner, or three other online players to hunt down those pesky demons!

With regards to the Overkill Edition, two content packs will be included, namely the Fractured Worlds, bringing more dungeons to explore, and Motörhead: Through the Ages packs, the latter of which adds a rock kick to your demon hunting, with powers, Destiny Cards and outfits inspired by the rock band Motörhead.

Victor Vran Overkill Edition is already available as a digital download and our full review can be found right here.

DiRT 4

Labelled as the official game of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, the next installment into the DiRT franchise – following the rather successful DiRT Rally – is hoping to bring realism and thrill.

DiRT 4 is set across five different rally locations with millions of routes, over 50 stunning off-road cars to jump into, including the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, and various ways to test your racing ability. You’ll find a career mode, online gameplay and the Joyride mode complete with challenges and a free-play area to brag to your friends about your scores.

It’ll also introduce a new creator tool called Your Stage. Simply choose a location and route parameters, and sit back and let the game take it from there, making a unique race to drive around and share with your friends. If you don’t feel like you are ready to tackle the competitive portion of the game, or other modes, then DiRT Academy has you covered, teaching you new skills and techniques to become the best.

Whether you’re the hardcore rally car fan and want to race around Montalegre or Lydden Hill and get a feel for the FIA World Championship, or simply want to have a good time creating races and besting your friends, then DiRT 4 seems to have you covered.

MotoGP 17

If you are a fan of the two-wheeled variety, then chances are that you have MotoGP 17 on your radar.

MotoGP 17 promises all the tracks from this year’s season to tear around, as well as all the bikes and riders that are competing. Moreover, over 70 legendary riders from the world of motorsport will be joining also.

As well as the standard ‘rise to fame’ Rider Career mode MotoGP 17 offers, a new addition to the series will be the inclusion of the Managerial Career, where you step into the boots of a manager, sorting out their team, R&D, staff and sponsorship deals. Managerial Career will allow you to customise in depth your team in your own unique way.

Of course, MotoGP 17 has an array of offline modes to try out, such as the Grand Prix, Championship and Time Attack modes, and also online and splitscreen multiplayer modes. There’s even an eSport option if you really feel that your motorsport skills can take you to the top and win you some prizes!

Micro Machines: World Series

A more light-hearted affair for you and a few mates to jump into this June is the much awaited return of Micro Machines, with Micro Machines: World Series.

With an array of different vehicles to suit a certain playstyle, including the hotrod El Incendio and the monster truck, all with hundreds of customisable options to really pimp your ride – you can be sure that you will be blazing around the classic and new tracks in the coolest way.

Of course, a miniature racer would definitely not be a miniature racer without the powerups – and whether it be from a NERF blaster or something else just as crazy, the colourful stages will soon descend into utter chaos when you and up to three couch buddies, or 11 online players, take to the stage. A variety of new modes is coming to the Micro Machines format, including a battle mode where power-ups take centre stage, and team modes like CTF and King of the Hill.

Dead by Daylight

Asymmetric survival horror game Dead by Daylight has been milling around on the PC stage for around a year. Now though it is being brought to Xbox One also.

While the name of the game might be simple, 1-4 survivors having to repair generators and escape the level, all while being hunted by another player, the killer, Dead by Daylight has many levels of complexity to achieve your goal. The survivors objective, as previously mentioned, is to escape the level, but to do this they must repair generators on the map and leave, while avoiding the killer by staying in the darkness or hiding in features of the environment such as lockers and foliage.

The invincible killer, looking through a first person view unlike the third person survivors, must prevent the survivors from achieving their objective by catching them and placing them on meat hooks scattered around the level, where they will eventually die or take the chance of escaping. Alternatively, if they have the right skills and items, the killer can finish the survivor off without going to the trouble of the slow, painful route. There are various types of killer to play as, all with different skills and abilities to be victorious over the survivor.

Similar to the recent Friday the 13th: The Game, Dead by Daylight pits players against each other in a way that may seem simple at first, but has many layers of complexity to master, whether you are a survivor or killer.


Usually music is calm and melodic, however the stars of Aerea seem to be using musical instruments for something other than playing. In fact, once the floating island of Aezir is broken into pieces and this merry band of heroes are tasked with returning the nine primordial instruments to bring peace to the world once again, they choose to get out their musical instruments and use them to dispose of their foes.

Whether you are playing as Wolff the Harp-Archer, Claude the Trumpet-Gunner, Jacques the Cello-Knight or Jules the Lute-Mage, you must use these heroes’ unlikely weapons to battle through enemies and bosses and solve puzzles, throughout different settings, while collecting Music Sheets, allowing you to upgrade your weapons and learn new skills as it suits you.

If you have three friends at hand, then they can come along for the ride as well, with Aerea supporting four player local co-op.

Demons Age

More RPG fun in June is to be had with Demons Age on Xbox One – a classic RPG with various weapons available so you can dispose of your foes in turn-based combat.

The option to create a party is there, however, don’t get too attached to your new friends, as they have the ability to betray you at any stage of the game. Once your character crashes ashore the coasts of Moragon, beginning their adventure, Demons Age allows you to explore the dungeons of Moragon, start side quests and level up your characters will new skills and/or spells, all the while being attacked by enemies in a random encounter system.

With interesting characters to get to know and fight alongside, a whole world to explore and an array of weapons to equip – Demons Age looks quite expansive and could have you captivated for hours.

Valkyria Revolution

If you’re a fan of canvas style, anime slash em-ups such as the recent AOT: Wings of Freedom, then you should be keeping an eye out for Valkyria Revolution and its Day One Edition.

Valkyria Revolution is set in a world in the wake of a revolution against the evil tyrannous Ruzi Empire and the Valkyria – death itself. By using a whole manner of upgradable weapons, a group of heroes, including the princess of Jutland, must take down the Ruzi. To do this, however, you must master a balance of real-time combat and tactical strategy with brazen combos or tactics to attack your foes and attempt to destroy the incarnation of death itself, Brunhilde the Valkyria.

It promises to be frantic, colourful, and epic. What more do you want from an RPG?

So, that’s your lot for June 2017 and it’s quite obvious that there are a few big hitters arriving to vie for our cash. Which of the games will you be picking up? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

You’ll also be able to pick these titles up digitally and we always advise a quick hop over to CDKeys prior to buying anything from the digital Xbox Games Store. Their super cheap Xbox Live Credit is always worth picking up.

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5 years ago

I support all of the systems because I’m a gamer but I’m trying to get excited about Scorpio but MS is slumming BADLY on the exclusive games. If they don’t change that especially after the death of Scalebound with new exciting announcements at E3 which they have not won in years, I’m not so sure about this console.

Yes, 4k and power is great but where are the games. E3 looks like its all in so this will be big for MS. Don’t botch it.