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Ogres, Halflings and Underworld Denizens hit the Blood Bowl 2 field of play!


For the very best Blood Bowl 2 experience, you need the very best teams on the field. Today, following on from the addition of the Vampires and Goblins as standalone purchases, are Ogre, Halfling and a whole load more teams. If you didn’t bother purchasing the Legendary Edition of the game, then now is your chance to take in the full experience.

Available right now are four new Blood Bowl 2 teams – well, at least they are new if you are still rocking with the standard version of the game on Xbox One. Priced at £5.59, you can now get to take the Ogres, the Halflings, the Under Denizens and Kislev Circus teams to the centre of the field, before throwing them straight into the action.

With each team bringing their own unique abilities, strengths, weaknesses and style of play, if you’ve been sat there waiting for the chance to mix things up a bit, then that time has come. They have all been included with the Legendary Edition of Blood Bowl 2 on Xbox One, but should you have got in on the action early, and are still only holding on to the competition with the standard version, then now is your chance to push things to the next level.

Just get yourself over to the Microsoft Store, splash the cash and drop a few new teams into the action. Full descriptions of each team are below…


Halfling are too short to throw or catch, only run at half speed, and let’s admit it, they’ve got little hope of blocking anything! Most Halfling coaches make up for this lack of quality with sheer quantity. After all, if you can get half a dozen players in the opposing team’s endzone, and by some miracle end up with the ball, all it takes is one of them to score that all-important goal. STRENGTHS You will lose a few Halflings regardless of what you do, so spread them out to slow the other team down when they have the ball. Once it’s your turn, take advantage of your Treeman’s Throw Team-Mate skill and sit back and enjoy the spectacle of a Halfling player being lobbed straight into the opposing endzone! WEAKNESSES Halflings are weak, slow, rarely able to pass and can barely catch a ball if another Halfling manages to get hold of it, but you haven’t chosen this team because they’re easy. So knuckle down, buy an Apothecary and take your blocks like a Halfling! BIG GUY: THE TREEMAN


Ogre teams have existed since the forming of the NAF and have even won the XV Blood Bowl. However, as any right-minded person will tell you, having more than one Ogre in the same place at the same time is a disaster waiting to happen! STRENGTHS Ogres are some of the most powerful players on the pitch. They make awesome Blockers, and some are also frighteningly efficient Blitzers. The secret to a good Ogre team though is its Snotlings. Always have at least one of these little blighters close to hand to prod the Ogre with a sharp pointy stick when its Bone-Head Skill inevitably kicks in. WEAKNESSES Ogres are not smart. It’s no secret and is their main weakness. Although they are very strong and have a good Move rate, if they spend most of the turn blankly drooling on the spot, then your game will fall apart before getting anywhere THE KEY PLAYER: THE SNOTLING

Underworld Denizens:

Underworld teams are an unlikely combination of Skaven and Goblins. They are famous for the innovative dirty tricks and dastardly tactics they use to win, and for the violent arguments that break out when the over ambitious plans back fire. STRENGTHS Underworld teams benefit from a mixed pool of players, but while none of them are particularly great, coaches can implement a strategy in accordance with their own style of play using mutation skills. They also have the ability to score an instant touchdown by throwing the ball carrier directly toward the endzone with their Warpstone Troll… a very risky move that could be very rewarding! WEAKNESSES Underworld teams have rather low strength and armor, which is a huge disadvantage when the game heats up, and when facing strength-based teams. Moreover, their players, while cheap, lack skills and will generally need to level up once or twice to gain the precious skills that will make them finally shine on the pitch. BIG GUY: THE TROLL

Kislev Circus:

Unreceptive to Blood Bowl for many long years, the great Kislev empire has recently become very keen on this sport. The spark was lit by a rumour about the great Tsarina, who supposedly had an “adventure” with a young blitzer. The popularity of she that is called the Ice Queen is such that all young Kislevite males decided to take on the sport in order to seduce her. STRENGTHS The Kislev Circus is known for its players’ acrobatic abilities and as most of its players are able to use both Leap and Very Long Legs, the Kislev teams are maneuverable, and allow for very unpredictable strategies. Though pricy, the Blitzers are the real stars of the team. WEAKNESSES Being the Old World’s foremost gymnasts has its downsides, as the Kislev players are fragile and may struggle to progress against more aggressive teams. Likewise, and though they are relying on their catchers to advance the ball, unlocking passing skills will require doubles. BIG GUY: THE TAME BEAR

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