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Around 18 months ago, Bigben released a full remake of the cult classic title, Outcast, on to the modern day consoles, with Outcast – Second Contact. Providing many hours of gameplay, an evolving weapon system and more, it promised much, but ultimately failed in its delivery. Now though Outcast – Second Contact is being gifted to all Xbox One owners at no cost, thanks to the brilliant Xbox Games With Gold scheme.

Stripped of the usual price tag and running for free until the middle of May 2019, Outcast – Second Contact on Xbox One is the latest title to feel the love of Games With Gold, coming down from the standard £35.99 to something that makes it all a bit more appealing.

See, when Second Contact released on Xbox One it delivered an experience we weren’t really expecting, but not in a good way. After the promise of a full remake, the whole ported feel that it came with wasn’t something that went down awfully well. With visuals that failed to really expand on the original game from decades past, and a control scheme that was the same, disappointment ensued.

But now that it is free via Xbox Games With Gold it could well be worth taking a little shot, falling into the boots of Cutter Slade, an elite soldier found exploring a mysterious alien planet – even if it is only to be saved up for a rainy day when you have nothing else to play and little reason to leave the house.

You’ll obviously need an Xbox Live Gold membership to hand in order to get access to Outcast – Second Contact on Xbox One for nothing, but should that be in place then heading over to the Xbox Store between now and the 15th May 2019 will see you open to getting that free download in.

If you wish to know more about the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for April 2019, then our in-depth article will sort you out.

Game Description:

Outcast – Second Contact is the complete remake of the cult title Outcast, the first 3D open-world game in video game history and pioneer in the modern action-adventure genre. Take the role of Cutter Slade, a tried and tested elite soldier, sent on a last-resort mission to an alien planet. Explore a magnificent world mixing science and magic, discover exotic indigenous cities, face fierce enemies and attempt to learn the secrets of an advanced civilization. Make the right choices in this living world and its ecosystem, because the destiny of these two universes depends on your success. – More than 50 hours of film-worthy sci-fi game adventure – Spectacular combat from an evolving arsenal of weapons – Total freedom in a living and immense open world

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