You can never have enough tracks in your Rock Band 4 library and the new Spotlight Pass will only expand it. Are you ready to pay up and rock out?

The way the Season 2 Spotlight Pass works is that it grants permanent access to whichever new songs are featured as the Spotlight Song each week in the Rivals Mode challenge. This Season Pass covers eight weeks worth of Spotlight tracks – so that’s eight tracks in total – from now until 17th October, 2017 and is priced at £10.79, thus saving you a couple of quid in the long run.

The first addition to the library today, and the first Spotlight Song, is “Stupid Girl” by Garbage, which costs £1.59 to purchase separately. Another track has just arrived, but it isn’t part of the Season 2 Spotlight Pass, so you’ll have to grab “Every Morning” by Sugar Ray at the usual price of £1.59 if you want it in your repertoire.

As usual, all you need to do should you wish to add these new tracks to your own personal Rock Band 4 or Rock Band Rivals library, is to make your way over to the Xbox Games Store, or alternatively, PlayStation gamers can find it on their own respective store.

Will you be buying these new tracks or the long term Season Pass? Will you wait to see all eight tracks first? Let us know!

Season 2 Spotlight Pass Description:

Each week for the duration of Rivals Season 2 (eight weeks), players who purchase the Season 2 Spotlight Pass will be granted a permanent entitlement to whichever new song is featured as a Spotlight Song in that week’s Rivals Mode challenge. Purchasers will receive a total of eight new songs by the end of the season on October 17, 2017.

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