Online video games have become more popular than ever. Thanks to technological advancements and more advanced gaming, you can now enjoy exciting gameplay from the comfort of your own home. But as fun as playing video games can be, they can also be highly addictive and may even take control of your life if you’re not too careful.

It’s not like playing at SPCasinos, where your gaming experience ends when you reach your betting limit. You can basically play online video games all day, every day. There’s nothing stopping you from going at it for the entire week if you want to.

Thus, the reason for responsible gaming. You should know when a game is controlling you and know when to stop. This post discusses the concept of responsible gaming and how to stay in control.

1.     Set Boundaries

The first rule has more to do with discipline. It is important to have rules for playing online games and know how to enforce them. That’s what makes this one of the hardest steps. You must learn self-control and know when your gaming time is up.

Therefore, always try your best to stay disciplined by reminding yourself why you have rules in the first place. Here are some examples of rules you can start implementing to stay in control of your gaming:

  • Play games only with friends
  • Play during the weekends and holidays only
  • Don’t game for more than an hour on weekdays
  • Only game after finishing your chores/work
  • Game only for a specific time, and no more

You can also have your friends or parents check up on you and help reinforce your gaming rules. We didn’t say it was going to be easy. So, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone hold you accountable when you break any of your set gaming rules. You can also set up some kind of punishment for not following the rules in the first place.

2.     Start Cutting Down

Sometimes, you just need to cut down on your overall gaming time, especially when you spend hours on end playing video games. Remember, you don’t have to cut back on your gaming time all at once. You can start slow. It will also be easier to start with a game you least like.

One of the best strategies is to cut down your gaming time by at least 10% for the first few weeks, then gradually add to it. For example, if you spend 20 hours a week on online games, you can aim for 18 hours the next week. In turn, you will start becoming more aware and conscious of every time you spend on the screen. This will be an effective strategy for long-term responsible gambling.

3.     Choose Your Games Strategically

Here’s another difficult step that can be very helpful. Every gamer knows the kind of games that take up more of their time and attention. That’s to say, you know the kind of games that you are more likely to be addicted to.

Therefore, if there’s a particular game you tend to have more difficulty stopping playing, just cut it. By ripping off the band-aid of these games, you will have more time to handle other more important tasks that require your attention.

You can also play more online games that don’t require too much commitment or gaming time but are still fun. You want to be able to play in short bursts and be able to stop when you want to instead of devoting several hours of your time to one game.

4.     Spend More Time with Real People

As much as playing online games is a great way of helping you connect with people, it can sometimes go too far.

That said, you always want to be wary of games that promote this kind of outlook. In the long run, this is best because it can sometimes be harder to form meaningful relationships with people. Excessive gaming and forming a relationship solely with your screen can also increase social anxiety.

I believe it is important to form a relationship with real people and form daily interactions outside of the screen.

5.     Turn off the Game

This is more of a last-minute resort. When you get to a point where you feel the game is controlling you, it might be time to turn it off. Although difficult, turning off a video game can be effective in the long run.

On a much deeper level, you’ll be taking back control of your life. Remember, you’re the one calling the shots. Set up gaming deadlines and stick to them. After turning your game for the day, don’t turn it on again until after the time you’ve set for your next playing time.

Summing Up

Playing online video games responsibly can help you enjoy life so much more. You should be able to play your favorite video games without developing bad gaming habits that get in the way of your daily productivity and wellbeing.