If you’re an Assassin’s Creed Origins player then you may well like to know that today has seen a new piece of content arrive. Prepare to look to the sky and await the Horus DLC pack!

If you head to Ancient Egypt then worshipping deities is pretty much par for the course, and so when Ubisoft sent Assassin’s Creed Origins to Egypt, it was fairly obvious that we’d find ourselves stumbling upon some of the most worshipped of gods. And that is most definitely the case today as a new Horus content pack has arrived.

Priced at £5.99, the Assassin’s Creed Origins Horus Pack will allow you to kit your assassin out with a brand new, highly exclusive outfit, grab a new bow or two and go equipped with a new shield. Furthermore, you’ll get the chance to mount a unique camel – Apophis.

If you wish to add this latest content to your Origins experience, then head on over to the Microsoft Store right now. Don’t forget to have a read of our full review of Assassin’s Creed Origins too – Ubisoft are back with a rather big bang!

DLC Description:

Horus, the Egyptian God of the Sky, shows favor to your Assassin with this exclusive outfit. Mount Apophis, a unique camel named after the snake demon while wielding 2 bows and 1 shield worthy of the gods.

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Deivid Oliveira
Deivid Oliveira
4 years ago

Xbox one X is already dead