It hasn’t been out an awfully long time, but Injustice 2 is fully expected to grow as the weeks and months go on. Today, that growth kicks on as Red Hood becomes available.

Ready for purchase and download right now as an individual piece of DLC, the opportunity to take charge of Red Hood, utilising his long range missiles and close range setups is probably too good to turn down. Priced at £4.79, the Red Hood DLC brings Jason Todd back to life, thrusting him onto the Injustice 2 roster with aplomb.

If you need a new character to learn the tricks of the trade with, then surely there can be few better than the awesome sniping Red Hood. The Xbox Games Store will sort you out for a download, whilst our full review of Injustice 2 is sitting here ready for your perusal.

DLC Description:

Download and play as Jason Todd AKA Red Hood – an infamous sniper gunslinger with deadly accuracy who uses both long range projectiles and mid-close range setup attacks. Jason Todd once served as Batman’s second protégé “Robin” before being brutally murdered by The Joker. Years later, the powerful healing waters of the Lazarus Pit brought Jason Todd back to life. However the power of the pit comes at a cost, and a change takes hold in Jason. He now uses mantle of the Red Hood to wage a lethal war on crime. Red Hood’s character power allows him to attack his opponents with close-quarters gunplay

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