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It was pretty much a year ago when we first found RICO breaking out onto Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC as the buddy cop first person shooter delivered an interesting concept and lovely unique art style. Now though it’s time for it to break out once more – quite literally with the RICO: Breakout DLC.

Available right now to purchase, download and add into your game, RICO is about to become even more action packed than before, as a new level of intensity hits home. 

Priced at £4.19, the Breakout DLC for RICO will see you taking down bad guys once more, just this time with a whole set of new weaponry to hand as you try and bring some calm to a fast chaotic scenario. 

Arriving alongside a free update for RICO which introduces a highly requested in-game soundtrack with seven brand-new music tracks, Breakout will request you battle it out against a bunch of dangerous and unpredictable enemies. With a city-wide curfew in place, it’s up to the RICO team to bring peace and order back to the city.

RICO: Breakout does this by not just introducing a brand-new prison environment but a ton of weapons, with the following in place…

  • New Weapons
    • G-18 – Fully automatic pistol
    • USG45 – High calibre sub-machine gun
    • K36 – Short-barrel special forces rifle
  • New Level
    • A new lockdown level sees the player trapped in the San Amaro prison facing down the escaped prisoners trying to take them out.

If you wish to know more about RICO and whether or not it is worth your time and money, then make sure you hit up our full review of the game on Xbox One. If you’re sold on the subject matter then heading to the Xbox Store will not only enable you the chance to grab the Breakout DLC, but also the full base game as well. You’ll even find the full RICO Breakout Bundle bringing the two together for £19.24.

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