You may, or may not, have heard of Permaband. One thing is for sure though – with a couple of free tracks now added to the Rock Band 4 and Rivals library, if you previously had no idea who they were, all that is set to change.

Permaband aren’t your every day average band. Hell no! In fact, they are a constantly changing line up of developers and engineers from CCP, the team behind Eve Online. They like to make a bit of music and in the years since their inception have garnered a fairly large fanbase.

Today, two of their tracks have made it to Rock Band 4 for free, enabling Rock Band 4 and Rock Band Rivals players the opportunity to learn and enjoy their songs. Available right now are in fact, the following…

  • Wrecking Machine
  • Killing is just a means

If you wish to get involved, then you should be making your way to the digital store nearest to your heart – in our opinion, that would be the Xbox Games Store and it is that which will give up the Permaband DLC for nothing.

Don’t forget to let us know whether you’ll be picking up this latest Rock Band content or not. We’d love to hear from you so just hope up our forums, the usual social channels or drop us a comment in the Disqus section below.

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