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You know how the old saying goes: the couple that plays together, stays together, and that’s what Hoggy and Hogatha have done for themselves and their family – a novel concept in the 21st Century. But Hoggy and Hogatha, the stars of Hoggy2, will have to put their relationship to the test as their children have just been kidnapped by the Moon Men!

Hoggy2 is the sequel to the 2010 mobile game that has you control Hoggy and Hogatha on a quest to rescue their children from the Moon Men. And unlike the first game, Hoggy isn’t alone in his quest. They are both slime-molds; whenever they jump they stick to the ceiling. Using this ability they must traverse over 200 levels, solve fiendish puzzles and eat lots of fruit on the way there.

Eating certain fruits can also cause the slimers to transform into some unusual entities and elementals, which will come in handy against some of the most bizarre boss battles – if you don’t believe me, check out the trailer below!

It also offers classic platformer gameplay as you track down the keys needed to save your children from the evil Moon Men. It is the latest game to be ported over to Xbox One by the team at Ratalaika Games so there’s one thing we can promise: Family friendly games and – arguably more importantly – easy Gamerscore!

Hoggy2 is available to purchase and download right now on the Xbox Store priced at £4.99 – reduced to £4.49 for the next 15 days – which is another bargain from Ratalaika. Those wanting to own it on PlayStation 4 should head to the respective digital store. Stay tuned for our full review coming soon, but if you can’t wait that long, let us know in the comments if you have already downloaded it!

Game Description:

The pink slime called Hoggy is back and a whole new wonderful adventure awaits. Except this time around, Hoggy isn’t on his own, as Hogatha is keen to join him and the two must work together to rescue their slime-mold children from the evil Moon Men that kidnapped them! On top of offering all those who choose to play Hoggy2, some classic platformer action, Hoggy2 has more than 200 levels that players will need to beat, in a bid to gather enough keys to reach the moon and face some of the most bizarre boss battles to date. Players will also to take advantage of a gravity-swapping mechanic that allows players to stick to ceilings and by eating certain foods, can trigger some interesting transformations that need to be seen, to be believed! Features: * Classic platformer action * More than 200 levels * Gravity swapping mechanic * 2 playable characters * Hand-crafted levels * Various transformations

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