Pyramid Quest Xbox

We have all sat and wondered what we would do if we were rich. But less will have thought about how they actually got the money in the first place. Some people inherit their wealth, some win the lottery. Some work hard for their pennies, and others go deep into the catacombs underneath pyramids and seek out their fortune. You can do the latter now, as Pyramid Quest is out now on Xbox.

Inspired by the 2D platformers of the ‘90s, Pyramid Quest will have you searching for treasure in trapped filled mazes. Graphics have been brought up to date for Pyramid Quest but manage to retain that cartoonish feeling.

On your quest you will need to run, jump and dodge whatever is thrown your way. Escape each level by completing the stone puzzle and surviving the traps before you. There will be skeletons, bats, mummies and more to keep an eye out for. And sometimes you can even go on the offensive if you pick-up a weapon. Turn the tide in your favour!

Pyramid Quest will also feature:

  • 36 challenging levels
  • classic platformer gameplay
  • lots of traps and obstacles
  • unique enemies
  • detailed comic style 3D graphics

Will you find your fortunes, or are some things better left undiscovered? Our review will have all the answers coming soon.

Head on over to the Xbox Store now where Pyramid Quests awaits, priced at £8.39. It’s a small upfront payment when you consider the wealth hidden within.

Will you be picking this one up after reading about it here? If so, I demand half the booty for bringing Pyramid Quest to your attention. Please put your name forward in the comments below so we can discuss the details, thank you.

Game description

Pyramid Quest is an exploration and treasure-hunting game inspired by classic platform games. The goal is to find the three parts of an artefact and open the gate to the next level while collecting diamonds and coins. Traps, obstacles, and enemies from old days make the quest very dangerous and challenging.3D graphics packed in a nice graphics style, great 2.5D levels and proven gameplay gives you hours of fun.

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