Vigor Season 9 Grenade

It’s been 2 years since Vigor first rocked up into the world, but in that time some 10 million players have spent time immersed in the Norwegian looter shooter. Today as the team at Bohemia Interactive celebrate those milestones, Season 9: Stalkers goes live, for free on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. 

Rolling out today for all Vigor players to fully enjoy, and following on from Season 8, Season 9: Stalkers brings forth the latest fixtures and fittings for the game, bringing with it newly added grenades, a rather tasty assault rifle and, whisper it, 60fps on Xbox Series X and PS5. 

“Bringing 60 fps to Vigor is just the beginning. The possibilities that PS5 and Xbox Series X bring, allow us to create even better gaming experiences for our players. What we plan on doing next, is to use the additional power we get from the console to boost image quality.” Says Johanny Clerc-Renaud, the Lead Programmer of Vigor.

If you’re a Vigor player, then you’ll know that the more tools which are at your disposal, the better your chances of surviving, and with the latest additions, you’ve pretty much got no excuse. You see, the addition of the A74-KSU Assault Rifle will let you fight back against any and all foes, whilst the inclusion of grenades should let you take even more out from afar. 

With a new Battle Pass featuring a post-apocalytpic theme also in place, the disabling of Friendly Fire and New Rewards in Elimination Mode and localization for those Czech players, there’s much to love about the latest Vigor season and update. 

“We wanted a Czech localization in the game for a long time, because we are a Czech studio after all. The new team was especially passionate about it. We have been polishing it for the last couple of months, and we believe that the Czech players will be excited.” explains Filip Štastný, the Marketing & Brand Manager.

Whether you are playing alone, or fighting with others, if you’re after some looting and shooting, fire up Vigor today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 or Nintendo Switch and enjoy what Bohemia Interactive have to offer. 

You’ll find a download of the game on the Xbox Store if you don’t already have access.

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