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A new season is always an exciting time in any game, and especially so with Destiny 2. The latest – Season of the Haunted – is now available and promises to bring new content to the game. With returning weapons and locations to find and explore, is this going to just be a rehash of older content, or can the game bring some new content to the table? Let’s take a look at what Bungie are saying before calling it, shall we?

The big news this time around is the integration of Solar 3.0, following on from Void 3.0 previously. Now, for me at least, this is big news, as I’m never happier than when I’m throwing massive flaming hammers with my Titan, Tina, and the chance to match the Solar class more closely to my playstyle sounds great! As the press release puts it, “There’s never a bad time to fight fire with fire” and with Solar classes now able to use the same system of Aspects and fragments as Void, the potential is very exciting. 

In other news, the Leviathan returns to the game. The once opulent pleasure craft of Emperor Calus, the craft is now corrupted and derelict, and has appeared in the orbit of the Moon in order to contact the Moon’s dormant Pyramid ship. As the Pyramid starts to awaken, Nightmares (with a capital N no less) awaken and threaten to destroy any who dare to intervene in the process. And guess who’s going to have to intervene? Well, with Eris once again stepping into the frame, I think it may well be us. Eris would like us to summon and destroy these Nightmares, and it is here that a new game mode is revealed. 

Called Nightmare Containment, and free for all players, we are tasked with travelling to the Leviathan, and cleansing the Evil that has taken root there. This is a scalable activity, and so promises to be a stiff challenge no matter what your Light level. We are tasked with not only summoning the Nightmares to us, but then using whatever means we have at our disposal to get rid of them. I can imagine that using the updated power of the Solar subclasses could be fun here, as flame tends to drive out shadow, doesn’t it? 

Another weekly mission that is promised is called “Sever”, and while you have to buy the season pass to play this mode, it promises to let us explore the Underbelly of the Leviathan and find out what naughty old Calus is up to, as well as being able to sever the Nightmares that he controls. All in all, there does appear to be a good amount of content to try out. 

Of course, any new season has to bring with it the chance of new and exciting loot, and Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted starts as it means to go on with the Trespasser Exotic sidearm, returning from the original Destiny, where it was carried by Shiro-4. A burst fire Arc weapon, it looks to be a handy weapon to have in your pocket for those close encounters, and as you can see in the trailer, looks the part too. This is alongside the other new weapons and armour that will be launched with the new season, and one in particular looks like it will be quite interesting. It’s only shown in the trailer for a split second, but one of the weapons being waved about is a massive scythe –  as the subtitle for the season seems to be “Become the Reaper”, this promises to play a good part in the story. Let’s hope the enemies don’t listen to Deep Purple, eh?

Now, in order to try and capitalise on the hype around this new season, Bungie have decided to bring out a special Silver pack, called, surprisingly, the Season of the Haunted Silver Bundle. If you buy this from the Xbox Store, not only do you receive 1700 Silver (1000 plus 700 free) you will also receive the Paper Windmill emote, for the low, low price of £12.99. 

You’ll find the Season of the Haunted available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. 

So, will you be rushing out to buy the Season Pass? Doing so will award you with the Trespasser straight away, and get double rewards from the season rank rewards board, so it seems like a good deal. Let us know in the comments if the Leviathan can tempt you back aboard!

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