The joy of the Xbox One Game Preview or Steam Early Access schemes are that games can change, mostly for the better, at the drop of a hat! Sheltered may still be in preview but the latest update brings about new combat, quests and a few scenarios.

Available now on Xbox One and PC as a Preview and Early Access title, Sheltered by Team 17 is a post-apocalyptic disaster management title bringing a whole new meaning to the nuclear family. With many moral choices to take in, each one could be the difference between your family living to see another day, or ending it all there and then!

The latest big update is now live on both formats and brings about the following (deep breath!)…

· New Quest Feature – 6 Quests have been added to the game
· New Scenario Feature – 3 Scenarios have been added to the game
· Quest tab added to Journal. Player can use this to track active quests
· First Aid Kits can now be crafted
· New look for the in-game UI
· Bandages added to the game. Bandages are used to remove the ‘Bleeding’ status effect
· Menus can now be scrolled through using a mouse wheel (Steam only)
· Able to automate characters by using the H key as well as the HOME key
· Junk items have been added to the game
· Improvements made to encounter user interface to bring it in line with new combat UI
· UI style and colouring has been changed. Menus are now brown with white text
· Flashbangs can now be crafted at the workbench
· Pipe Bombs can now be crafted at the workbench

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· New Combat UI
· Ability to disarm enemies in combat
· Ability to steal from enemies in combat
· Ability to use items in combat to damage enemies and heal your characters
· Ability to defend in combat to reduce incoming damage
· Bleeding is now a status effect in combat causing those inflicted with it to lose 5 health at the beginning of their turn
· New status icons in combat (dazed and bleeding)
· Able to loot enemy’s weapon if they were killed or subdued in combat

· New encounters UI
· Grenades can now be found at locations
· Snares and Rat Traps can now be harvested multiple times per use
· New background image for Airport location
· New background image for Barracks location
· Fog of War has been removed from the map. Locations now appear as question marks and change icons when they have been discovered
· New information overlay for solar panels
· New image for Luxury Toilet
· Changes to upgrade cost of Level 3 and 4 Work Bench
· Changes to crafting cost of various tiers of Water Butt
· Changes to crafting cost of various tiers of Pantry
· Changes to crafting cost of various tiers of Storage Crate
· Reduced crafting cost of leather

· Able to turn 2 person expeditions back into one person expedition without having to leave the expedition setup menu (Steam only)
· Recycling plant now correctly stops functioning at 0% integrity
· Recycling plant cannot be put into a continuous loop by recycling nothing
· Pantry descriptions have been updated
· Spelling correct for the Auto Pantry
· Fixed graphical error with women cargo pants in combat
· Combat will now end immediately if an NPC is killed by a counter attack
· Reduced the rate of encounters in wasteland
· Trauma is now correctly applied to character after killing enemy in combat
· Combat resolved UI has been changed
· Luxury beds description has been updated to include the fact it removes the food poisoning status when used
· Grammar changed in the description of the painting item
· Spelling correction in the description of homemade medicines
· Snare traps will no longer collide with objects when being moved
· Avatar image for girl no longer shows 2 heads when a certain head was selected
· Arrows in the expedition setup menu have been changed to green

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The following objects now use the correct icons in the workbench menu:
· Arrows in the expedition setup menu have been changed to green
· Small Water Butt
· Toilet
· Bed
· Medium water Butt
· Medium crate
· Bunk Bed
· Efficient Shower
· Efficient Toilet

So, Sheltered has been treated to a ton of new features and bug fixes, have you dropped in to the post-apocalyptic wasteland yet? Are you holding out for a full release? Let us know in the comments below. Whichever it is though, we’ll keep you updated on its progress as and when we can.



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