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EA Sports are well and truly in the game with the latest instalment of NHL, giving fans of the puck-whacking, blood-spilling, ice-ripping sport that is ice hockey the chance to prove themselves in NHL 23. 

NHL 23 provides fans of the series with all new features that makes this the ultimate on-ice experience. But what are those features? 

Releasing today onto Xbox and PlayStation, at least if you go about grabbing the hefty X-Factor Edition, NHL 23 isn’t content with just iterating upon the core gameplay that came before it with NHL 22

Players can now be treated to some of the most immersive play to date with the Last Chance Puck Movement system. This system contains a whopping 500+ animations that allows the world’s best stars to make a last-ditch swipe at the puck following a shunt or stumble on the ice. Especially when up against real-life opponents online, you must keep your wits about you, as at any moment can the opposing team claw back a goal following a tackle. And the amount of said opponents you can play will soon expand, with the promise of cross-platform matchmaking for players on the same platform generation (so Xbox One – PS4 play, and Xbox Series X|S – PS5) play, coming in November of this year.

NHL 23 players will also be treated to enhanced AI behaviours, especially in the goalkeeping department, as well as the introduction of two new X-Factors – special abilities inspired by olympian Sarah Nurse, and Trevor Zegras. Respectively, these allow players to enhance their shooting when off-balance, and perform Zegras’ signature flip pass over the net.

As is the case with the likes of FIFA and NBA 2K, a lot of players’ first port of call will be the ultimate team mode that comes as standard for many sports games nowadays. NHL 23’s HUT mode has all the bells and whistles you’d expect of a premium ‘build a team’ mode, but with the addition of mixed mens’ and womens’ teams, there really is no excuse not to make the ‘ultimate team’.

Throw in a revamped strategy system that ensures you can get the most out of your team as they step onto the ice, and NHL 23 has most likely overtaken its predecessor as the best ice hockey experience on consoles.

So, what are you waiting for hockey fans? Pick up a puck and take to the slippery stuff with NHL 23 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5 or PS4. For Xbox gamers, a copy of the Standard Edition for £69.99 on Xbox Series X|S, or £59.99 on Xbox One (which is playable on Xbox Series X|S, only downscaled), will come about on the 14th October, whilst from today you can grab the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One game combined in the X-Factor Edition. This sets you back £89.99 and throws in a bunch of starter items in HUT, boosts to the Be-A-Pro mode, and 4600 NHL Points, alongside that three-day early access period. 

Keep an eye out for a review of NHL 23 from us soon. 

Game Description:

EA SPORTS™ NHL® 23 is greater together. Get the best players in the world on one lineup with the introduction of mixed women’s and men’s teams in HUT. Currently planned for November 2022, cross-platform matchmaking for players on the same platform generation in WOC will connect you with larger player pools for shorter queue times and more teams for your squad to square up against. And now, add to your highlight reel with over 500 new Last Chance Puck Movement gameplay animations that let you control how a play unfolds after any level of contact is taken, from performing passes out of stumbles to desperation shots from the ice. Plus, overhauled strategy systems allow you to easily gameplan and finetune your playmaking skills. So grab your friends and gear up for the most dynamic, connected, and visually rich version of Chel yet.

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