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Soot, sounds and Spirit of Steam come to Train Sim World 2

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Ever wanted to immerse yourself into the British Railways steam era? The latest Train Sim World 2 expansion brings forth the soot, the sounds and the Spirit of Steam. 

Available today for Train Sim World 2 players to enjoy is the latest expansion to the game – Spirit of Steam: Liverpool Lime Street – Crewe. As you’ll guess from the title, this takes you off to the steam era as you journey back in time to the stunning sounds and smelly soot that ruled the railways of the time. 

Moving through the Merseyside and Cheshire areas, the Train Sim World 2: Spirit of Steam: Liverpool Lime Street – Crewe adds in the LMS Jubilee Class loco, kitted out in BR Brunswick Green livery, completed neatly by British Railways’ late crest. 

You’ll be given the chance to take your passengers along the West Coast Main Line, over the Runcorn Railway Bridge and down into the depths of Merseyside. You’ll also have the LMS Stanier 8F Class loco at your disposal too. 

With Train Sim World 2 letting you decide how deep you want to go with the simulation side of things – the firebox and boiler will be yours if you so wish. Alternatively, you could always kick back as a passenger. 

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In all, features include:

  • 36-mile (58 km) route from Liverpool Lime Street to Crewe, as it was in 1958
  • Historically accurate details, trackwork and infrastructure
  • 15 authentic stations
  • LMS Jubilee Class Steam Locomotive in BR Late Brunswick Green livery
  • LMS Stanier 8F Class Steam Locomotive in weathered BR Late Unlined Black livery
  • Mk1 FK, TSO, BSO and BG Coaches in BR Maroon and Blood & Custard liveries
  • 16t Mineral, 5-plank, Conflat and Standard Van Wagons, and a 20t Brake Van
  • All-new authentic steam locomotive simulation
  • Highly detailed, feature-rich, driving cabs with accurate true-to-life performance and handling
  • Authentic and detailed sound recordings, recorded from the real locomotives
  • Journey Mode featuring over 24 hours of activities for you to master
  • Accessible Training Modules and 5 detailed and engaging scenarios
  • Extensive 24-hour Timetable
  • A selection of Route Tasks to complete
  • Livery Designer, Scenario Planner and Creators Club compatible
  • Powered by Dovetail Games’ proprietary SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine and Unreal Engine 4® technology

You’ll need a copy of Train Sim World 2 to hand in order to enjoy the new Spirit of Steam expansion. If you don’t have that, you’ll find the game playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, with our friendly neighborhood Xbox Store swinging by to deliver you the Xbox download you need. It’s on Game Pass too.

DLC Description:

Step back in time and take control of the famous LMS Jubilee Class. Carry passengers on a journey of a lifetime along the West Coast Main Line, over the Runcorn Bridge and right into the heart of Merseyside. Additionally, be in charge the hard-working LMS Stanier 8F Class on heavy freight trains. Master the art of steam simulation and take on the challenge of the 1950s – with no modern comforts to rely on, the only safety system is your wit! Learn the finesse and rhythm of each locomotive to determine your speed and keep to the timetable. Drive trains, ride around as a passenger or in the guard’s van, complete the route tasks, or simply pick a vantage point and watch the action unfold. Create your own experiences with the Scenario Planner and Livery Designer and share them with Creators Club.

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