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Soulstice is the latest fantasy action title to hit Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

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Telling an emotional tale of powerful, feral beings invading the Holy Kingdom of Keidas, it is up to you, as the Chimera, to send such creatures back from where they came, and save the day in the latest exhilarating action title – Soulstice.

Soulstice releases today on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, placing you in the shoes of the Chimera – two sisters, Briar and Lute, reborn into a devastatingly strong superhuman, and magical shade, respectively. Voiced by Stefanie Joosten of Metal Gear Solid V fame, Soulstice certainly has a stellar cast behind it, to back up the stellar combat system that it is being praised for.

The core gameplay loop of Soulstice sees you controlling both sisters simultaneously, making use of their unique abilities and combining them at times to become the true Chimera. As well as the wealth of skills the duo have at their disposal come a number of weapons that are steadily unlocked and upgraded throughout your time with the game, as you slowly understand the mystery behind the Chimera and the invasion.

It’s a good job you have so many weapons to choose from too, as the array of enemies you will be facing off against complements this. It is especially here where Lute comes to the fore, exposing the weaknesses of your foes with her magical auras, opening them up for a damaging attack. Probably best described as a blend between Devil May Cry and Dark Souls as a combat style, you can be sure that every slash of a blade will be accompanied with the appropriate feel of weight behind it.

A more complete list of features coming to Soulstice (as per the Steam page) includes:

  • Fight in Synergy – Manage sisters Briar and Lute simultaneously. Master melee attacks and combos as Briar and take control of the battlefield with otherworldly abilities as Lute. Combine their strengths to unlock powerful, transformational abilities and tap into their true potential as Chimera.
  • Explore a City in Ruin – A Tear in the Sky has opened above the once-holy city of Ilden. As Briar and Lute fight to reach the Tear, they’ll face challenging puzzles and unveil secrets of the Order while their surroundings become more hostile and twisted.
  • Customize Weapons and Abilities – Weapons are unlocked and upgraded throughout the game and can even be switched on the fly to unleash stylish and highly devastating combo attacks.
  • Battle Different Enemy Classes – A vile mix of Wraiths, Corrupted and Possessed, have poured into the world from beyond the Veil. Utilize Lute’s unique auras to expose or weaken these creatures and adapt to a flow of battle that never feels the same.
  • Learn the Truth of Your Origin – Through a dark story filled with sisterly love and sacrifice, Briar and Lute discover the truth about themselves and their Chimera powers while working together and staying true to their unbreakable bond.

If you fancy picking up a copy of Soulstice for yourself, then make sure to head over to the Xbox Store – Soulstice costs £33.49 on Xbox Series X|S. Alternatively, the game is releasing today on PS5 and PC. There is no love for the older generation consoles here.

Our review is fast incoming.

Game Description:

The balance of the Holy Kingdom of Keidas is compromised when powerful, feral beings known as “Wraiths” invade from the other side of the Veil. Wraiths corrupt their victims and can even possess their bodies, turning into unstoppable, vile beings that prey upon the living. The Chimera, hybrid warriors born of the union of two souls, are the only ones who can protect humankind. Briar and Lute are two sisters who have been reborn as Chimera. The transformation has granted Briar superhuman strength and resilience, while Lute, sacrificed to bind her soul to her sister’s, has become a shade with mystical powers. Briar and Lute are sent on a mission to reclaim a city in ruins, only to discover that the Order they belong to has a more complex plan in mind. Explore a striking, fantasy-inspired world brimming with hidden mysteries, master a diverse combat system, and inhabit the dual forces of two sisters in a coming-of-age fantasy story with fast-paced action, vicious enemies, and spectacular boss fights.

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