Spintires: MudRunner was one of our favourite games of 2017. Now, as 2018 is fast shifting into gear, we are being treated to some new content for the game – and it is totally free!

Available right now on Xbox One, The Valley DLC for Spintires: MudRunner comes with zero price attached. That means should you be clever enough to head over to the Microsoft Store, you’ll find a pack of downloadable content that delivers 3 new vehicles and a huge new map for you to fully enjoy.

8 add-ons including new repair kits, trailers and fuel canisters are available alongside the 4×4 scout vehicle, the new medium truck and the 8-wheel can over truck. With a semi-trailer also included, there is next to no reason why you shouldn’t, or wouldn’t, want to delver back in to the world of the MudRunner once more.

Get over to the Microsoft Store and press that download button right now. We highly advise you spend some time checking out our review of the game too – like we said, Spintires: MudRunner didn’t get a 4.5/5 score for nothing you know!

DLC Description:

Expand your Spintires: MudRunner experience with The Valley DLC! Get behind the wheel of 3 new vehicles and discover a huge new summer forest map designed to take full advantage of your heavy-weight trucks: The Valley. Equip 8 new add-ons including new repair kits, trailers and fuel cannisters. Some of the new add-ons are compatible with vehicles from the base game. This pack includes: – The Valley map – A-969 (4×4 scout vehicle) – C-6317 (Medium truck) – E-7429 (8-wheel cab over truck) – C-6317 Spare wheel – A-969 Spare wheel – A-969 Fuel canisters – A-969 Garage parts – A-969 Utility attachment – E-7429 Advanced trailer hitch – E-7429 Repair kit – E-7429 (compatible with E-7310 from base game) Garage semi-trailer – Medium log trailer (compatible with some of base game trucks) – Medium log trailer’s logs load

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Justin Jones
Justin Jones
3 years ago

LOVE this game! It’s so simple yet so fun and entertaining. The new 4k update makes it look noticeably better too. I’m curious to find out about the frame rate though. It seems different to me now.

Steve (stylon)
3 years ago

Awesome news – downloading it right now! Thanks for the heads up.

Neil Watton
Reply to  Steve (stylon)
3 years ago

No worries Steve! Enjoy it 🙂